How to Get Free Space on iPhone

How to Get Free Space on iPhone

August 28, 2018 By kirsten

    iPhone is the leading product of tech giant Apple. It is still selling iPhones and iPads with 16GB storage. So, you may encounter low disk space problems sometimes.

    If you’re using “Apple Music” & iCloud Photo Library” then you would hardly need to pick up 64GB/128GB internal storage iOS devices as you can store your favorite photos, videos, music and other files in the cloud.

    5 Tricks to Free up more Storage in Your iPhone:

    Little storage can hinder your iOS experience. You may fail of capturing photos & videos, recording voice calls, sending or receiving messages and installing new apps on your iPhone when it reached the maximum storage level; especially when you’re using 16GB storage. Gladly there are available ways to fix up this problem easily and getting a maximum space available on your iPhone would make you go boom.

    Let’s know some helpful tricks to free up space on iPhones or iPads.

    1. Prevent Texts Storing Forever:

    Your iPhone saves all the messages you send and receive by default. But, it is not necessary to have 15 or 18 months older messages. When you’re running out of free space, just make some changes in your message setting by stopping them from saving forever. To do this, go to the Settings app and click on Messages. By scrolling down you would find Message History and click on Keep Messages. Now change your setting by choosing Forever or 30 Days or One Year. A pop-up message will appear to ask if you want to delete the older conversations, click Delete to continue.

    1. Stop Double-Saving Photos:

    Your phone saves two times of a photo automatically when you use HDR mode and Instagram both at a time. It spoils storage of your iOS devices. To stop it, go to the Settings app. Select Photos and Camera. Scroll down to go bottom. Unmark the button near Keep Normal Photo.

    1. Clear Offline Data:

    Probably you are saving offline data in apps to use while you’re not online just like web pages to see later on. So, Safari’s offline reading file requires a lot of space on your iPhone to view your saving web pages offline. That means it may hold a lot of space of your device storage. Clear them to get free space. Open Settings app to clear Safari’s offline reading list. Go to General, and then tap Usage. Now select Manage Storage and tap on Safari. Simply swipe left over the Offline Reading List. Select Delete to clear the cache. This will not delete individually all the item from the reading list. To delete all the items open Safari app. Choose Reading list. Then swipe over left to delete items.

    Spotify is also an app that stores offline data. When you choose to play music offline, it grabs much of your storage. You also can disallow this extra data storage, open Spotify app and select the playlists you don’t want in offline. Turn the toggle off next to Available Offline which you’ll see at the top of the playlists.

    1. Delete Unnecessary Apps and Data:

    You can get the large number of free spaces on iPhones or iPads by deleting unwanted and unnecessary apps and data like photos, videos, music, and podcasts from your devices. Delete all the needless apps which are using most of the storage. Check that out by opening up the Settings app. Go to General and select Usage. Tap on Manage Data and delete the items you want. If you see Photos & Camera at the top then delete some unnecessary photos or you see Music is placing on top, you should get rid of some of your not so favorite music items.

    1. Clear Browser History:

    iPhone stores data and web history that you don’t need when you use Safari most of the time. Clearing safari’s browser cache would free up a lot of space on your iOS devices. To do it, open Settings app and choose Safari. Tap on Clear History and Website Data.

    Many of you may prefer Chrome instead of Safari. To clear browser data from open Chrome app. Tap on the three vertical dots menu icon which is in the upper right corner. Click on History, and then tap on the bottom of the screen mentioned as Clear Browsing Data.

    I hope this article might fix up your storage problem and helps you to get smart storage. To know more comment below.

    image credit: imobile