Top Free Windows Movie Maker Alternatives

Top Free Windows Movie Maker Alternatives

January 30, 2017 By kirsten

    Windows 10 users know the flawless blending functionality of Windows movie maker. It is one of the best-free video editing & creation tool. Several kinds of affects and easy to use makes it more indomitable. But you may not find some additional features in Windows movie maker. So, you can search for alternatives. The article will include best free alternatives for windows movie maker to use on your PC.

    Windows Movie Maker

    Free Windows Movie Maker Alternatives List for Windows PC, Mac & Linux:

    Microsoft has just removed the Windows movie maker software installer from their website. Though you won’t able to use this creative tool on your Windows 10 PC, luckily there are many alternatives available. Let’s know the best as well as free movie maker for your Windows PC.

    1. Lightworks:

    If you don’t want to use Windows movie maker for its some simplicity limitation then you must go for Lightworks. You can use it free for personal use. But you will be glad to know that its professional version is used by Hollywood producers even. It has some additional different interface apart from other video editors. So, it can be a great free windows movie maker alternative.

    Download Lightworks

    1. VideoLan Movie Creator:

    It has ability to make the whole movie from pictures or video clips. Unable to play format type videos are also supported in VideoLan. You can get it for free on your Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

    Download VLMC

    1. Ezvid:

    It is one of the best youtube friendly free video editors for your Windows Vista, XP, SP3, 7 & 8 PC. It is virtually too simple to use. Gamers can have it as it is ideal to share conquests.

    Download Ezvid

    1. Windows Live Movie Maker:

    This software is actually a cool movie maker solution for Windows 10, 8 and 7 users. It is totally free of charge. It is so simple to use by a child also. There are auto preview of the refreshing effects save a lot of time.

    Download Windows Live Movie Maker

    1. Avidemux:

    To make a video from scratch, you can download Avidemux as “free windows movie maker alternative”. Else, it also accomplishes editing an existing video. It takes a little bit time to understand the interface and the advanced features. You can do it professional type editing in it. It is gladly supported for Windows 10 users.

    Download Avidemux

    1. Wax:

    Wax is one of the recognized best vide video editors for amateurs available for only Windows PC. It is an excellent free windows movie maker alternative. If you want to learn subtle nuances of editing then you must go for this movie maker. It is free for Windows 7 as well as offers many special effects and other impressive features. It is cool for the beginners but experienced editors may find it very simple to use.

    Download Wax

    1. SolveigMM AVI Trimmer:

    You will find its interface very simple to use. It has many effective tools and editing may come very impressive. Its developer has solved many issues from previous versions. You can have it on your Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8.

    Download AVI Trimmer

    1. VSDC Free Video Editor:

    It is one of the best replacements for Windows movie maker. You will feel at home with this software. It will give you feel of professional grade.

    Download VSDC

    1. Pinnacle VideoSpin:

    Savvy users will find it very interesting choice for Windows PC. One touch button away is uploading video to the web. Its available codec pack gives the software more compatibility. Your most of the needs will make up with its free version.

    Download Pinnacle

    1. Jahshaka:

    Jahshaka hasn’t many audio and visual free options. You may need a paid version if you want more of this software as it has some instability issues. Its interface is difficult to learn. So, you can search for available dedicated youtube videos to learn. It has got unlimited audio space but its special effects for video editing aren’t good enough. This software is available for free in Mac, Linux, Windows Xp, Vista, 7 & 8. This an awesome and free windows movie maker alternative. You can get it by following the link below.

    Download Jahshaka

    I hope these free alternatives of Windows movie maker will fulfill all your video editing needs. Stay with us for more tech tips, tricks & solutions.