Virtual Laser Keyboard- The Future At Fingertips

Virtual Laser Keyboard- The Future At Fingertips

December 19, 2015 By kirsten

    As an advantage of modern technology and communication media, almost every tech-freak person is known with virtual laser keyboard. But to be specific, what it is and how does it work? Let’s go through the answers-

    laser-keyboard2  Virtual laser keyboard is a computer keyboard with conventional functionalities, can be used by typing on laser project on optically detectable surfaces. Of course, it is a total wireless process and doesn’t require any physical keys or buttons. A small hand-held device can serve you the full functionality of complete keyboard thorough virtual laser keyboard technology.

    How It Works?- Design & Technology of Laser Projection Keyboards

    Though the development and algorithms of the laser keyboard is quite hard to understand, let’s make a simple brief of the technology. Firstly let’s go through the design-


    As it’s seen, a laser layout of the QWUERTY keyboard is projected on a flat surface. A projector or camera helps to pick up the finger movements form the surface. Later the software inside converts the co-ordinates onto corresponding characters.

    Also in some of the devices, the technology adds a second infrared camera on the virtual keyboard. While the user makes a stroke on the virtual keyboard, they break the infrared beam a d reflects the light to the projector. He sensor chip is there to determine which light beam is broken. Accordingly it delivers the corresponding character to the device.


    Two mainstream technologies are being developed and improved now0a-days for virtual laser technologies. Here are brief details of the technologies-

    • Optical Stroke Detection Technology

      In this technology of virtual laser keyboard, the keyboard layout is projected on a vertical/horizontal flat surface and let the user to touch the image of the key. While user touches the key, the optical sensor detects the stroke and sends it to the computer.

    • Bluetooth Signal Transmission Technology

      In the second virtual laser keyboard technology, the keyboard layout is projected on a flat surface and while define key of stroke, wireless Bluetooth signals are transmitted through the module to the computer and the typed letter/number/symbol is displayed.

    A Flashback to History

    You will be quite surprised know that the first virtual keyboard was invented by the IBM back then in 1992! That could detect the human hand and finger movement and motion and transfer related responses from the physically non-existent input device.

    Talking about modern laser keyboards, Canesta- A Canadian Startup company first developed the laser projection keyboard with the trending electric perception technology. Though the technology is later licensed to the Celluon Company at Korea,

    Trending Laser Projection Keyboards on Market

    Lot of progresses is being noticed in the immerging field of virtual keyboard. As many of the companies have developed ongoing models of virtual laser keyboards and naturally, they are being more and more popular day by day! Here are some modes that you can try out-

    The VK200 KEYFOB®



    1. Projectable on almost any type of flat surface.
    2. Connections are available via wireless Bluetooth to iPhone, iPad, Smartphones and Computers.
    3. Rechargable battery with 180 minutes of continuous typing capacity.
    4. Finger can be used as the mouse with the Mouse Mood Technology!
    5. Last three typed characters can be shown with the build in display technology.

    Find more details here.

    The Celluon Magic Cube



    1. Operates in total darkness
    2. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, MAC, PDA, Smartphone, Tablet PC or any other device that have Bluetooth connection technology.
    3. Can recognize 350 characters per minute.
    4. IEC class 1 laser with red laser diode a the light source
    5. Smart size and dimension and feels exactly exact like the ordinary keyboard.

    Check this video out for a video review of the Celluon Magic cube virtual laser keyboard. Also, Click here to find more.kv