Stream Xbox One Games on Windows 10 PC

Stream Xbox One Games on Windows 10 PC

August 31, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Recently Microsoft has announced that it has planned to bring Xbox One ‘Games Streaming’ to Windows Media Centers. Microsoft always brings many features for its users. Gaming Stream is one of them. This app has the capability to play games distantly from this Console on any Windows 10 PC or home network. It uses the power of the gaming console to manage the fixture, and Windows 10 PC turns into a remote second display or monitor. It will help to reduce the dependency on TV, which was the only the platform of playing XboxOne playoffs.

    For this purpose, Microsoft has added the new web browser to the desktop, which is called the Cortana Voice Assistant. This facet is built directly into the operating system. Users can run any Windows10 PC to stream games from their console. They can leave their living room and play their favorite fixtures from anywhere with access to their home network. They also can wander freely around their home while continuing to enjoy their sports. So long as this gaming console and your computer exist on the same platform, therefore this method is very simple.

    How to Stream Xbox One Games on Windows 10 PC

    Users have to follow the following steps to set up the feature on XboxOne on Window10 computers.

    Step 1: If you have Windows10 on your personal computer, you can go to the Start button and type “Xbox” in the search field. You will get the preinstalled app here. You only should launch it.

    Step 2: in this step, you should sign in with your Xbox account. After signing, you will see a button “Let’s Play”. Just click on this button.

    Step 3: Check whether your connected network and XboxOne is to the same platform as it on your computer. You can make it sure by going to setting menu followed by Network. After that, you should go to the preference section of this menu and “enable” game streaming.

    Step 4: You will see a “Connect” option on the left side of this app. Select this option and your console will display the screen. If you do not get the screen you should console’s IP address. You will get IP address option inside the setting menu. Go to the Network and select the advance setting.

    Step 5: This is the final stage. You need to plug the XboxOne controller into the computer to select Stream and start playing.

    Microsoft recently also has updated a new “very high quality” streaming mode to Xbox app. In this app an user can change the quality of stream on Windows10. To get this option you should go to the setting menu followed by Game Steaming. You should remember, the “very high” option will need sophisticated router and wireless net connection. If you do not get the clear fixture or outcome, you should change the quality of the stream to high, medium, or low.

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