Make Google to Show 100 Search Results Per Page Even in Mobile Browsers

Make Google to Show 100 Search Results Per Page Even in Mobile Browsers

October 27, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    By default, Google will show you 10 search results in a single page. But, You can get 100 google search results per page even in smartphone browsers. In this article, You will learn about it.

    It has no doubt that Google is the most popular search engine. So, You may have it as default search engine in your smartphone browsers. You can set your own google search preferences in desktop version. But, All preferences are not available in smartphone. As  result, You may have to face some difficulties like having only 10 search results in each pages. But, You can easily get rid of these limitations.

    How to Make Google to Show 100 Search Results Per Page Even in Smartphone Browsers:

    I think that many of you know how to get 100 results per page from google in desktop browser. If any of you don’t know it, Here are some instructions that can help you.

    At first, You will need to go to Then, Scroll down and click on Settings from the bottom. You also can directly go to to have the settings page. Now, Check Never show instant results from the Google instant predictions. Now, Look at the Results per page. Set it as 100 by swiping the button. Then, Click on Save.

    From now, You will get 100 results per page in google search.

    How to Get 100 Google Search Results Per Page in Smartphone Browsers:

    Unlike desktop, You can’t get more than 10 results per page in mobile browsers normally. Because, It has not such options. But, If you can play a little trick, You can do it very easily. It can be done in three easy steps:

    1. Set Mobile Browsers to Show Desktop Site:

    This is the first thing you will have to do. So, Go to your mobile browser’s settings and choose relevant options to get desktop version of any websites. Here are instructions for chrome, edge and firefox mobile versions.

    • Open your favorite mobile browser and go to
    • Now, Tap on three dots button and choose Request Desktop Site or any similar options. For some browsers, You may have to go to settings to do similar settings. If you are windows mobile user, You can go to settings of edge. Then, Set your web preferences as Desktop Version.

    2. Set Google Search Preferences to Show 100 Results Per Page:

    You should see the desktop version of in your mobile. Just set your preferences according to the above instructions. Then, Save settings. You should search something to verify that everything is working or not.

    3. Back to the Mobile View:

    After doing everything i have described above, You should now change your mobile browser web view version to mobile. To do it, Simply undo the changes you have made in step 1.

    From now, You will get 100 search results in google from both of your desktop and mobile browsers.