Get Back Native Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 10

Get Back Native Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 10

August 23, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Latest windows 10 build is great. Though it is very different than earlier versions, It has much improved features. But, Peoples are missing some old things in this new OS. Can you say which features you are missing in this new operating system? If yes, You will definitely miss the native photo viewer. In some cases, Users like that ever known program more than modern one. Personally, I also like old one. But, Do you every think that you can get back native windows photo viewer in windows 10? If not, This article is for you.

    changing default photo viewer windows-10

    How to Get Back Native Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 10:

    In fact it is very easy. Just a few tweaks in registry can do this job smoothly. We will follow 2 methods. I hope both of them will work for you.

    Method 1: Follow if You Have Upgraded to Windows 10 and Have not Reset

    Some users who have upgraded to windows 10 from 8/7 or 8.1 can follow this method. If you already have reset or done clean installation of win 10, It won’t be applicable for you.

    • First of all, Press Win + I to open Settings.
    • Navigate to System > Default Apps.
    • Now, Change default photo viewer to Windows photo viewer.

    If it doesn’t work as your expectation, You can follow the steps given below.

    • Navigate to Control Panel > Programs > Default Programs > Set your default programs.
    • Find and select windows photo viewer.
    • Then click on Set this program default.
    • Alternatively, You can click on Choose defaults for this program and then you can choose which format images should be opened using windows photo viewer.

    Method 2: Add Specific Strings, Keys and Values to Registry to Get Back Windows Photo Viewer

    If you buy a new windows 10 laptop or PC or have done clean installation or reset, You won’t be able to follow first method as there is no windows photo viewer in latest builds. Developers even deleted necessary registry keys of it. But, You can get it back very easily by adding specific strings and values in registry. You can do it in 2 different ways. Automatically and manually. But, I strongly recommend you to backup registry before proceeding the steps.

    Restore Windows Photo Viewer Automatically:

    To do it, Follow these things.

    • First of all, Download this file and run it.
    • It should bring native win photo viewer back.

    I want to give special thanks to Brink of Ten Forums who described it first in this tutorial.

    Manual Way:

    Actually, This is a very long process. But, I will show you only basic steps that will be enough to get windows photo viewer experience.

    • First of all, Press Win + R to open RUN.
    • Type regedit and hit enter to open Registry Editor.
    • Now, Navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT > Applications > photoviewer.dll > shell.
    • Then, You will need to create a new key under shell. To do it, Simply right click on Shell and go to New > Key. Give its name as open.
    • Create a new string called MuiVerb under open.
    • Double click on MuiVerb and give it the following value: @photoviewer.dll,-3043.
    • At this time, Create new key under open and give it name as command.
    • Double click on default string and give the following value.
    %SystemRoot%\System32\rundll32.exe "%ProgramFiles%\Windows Photo Viewer\PhotoViewer.dll", ImageView_Fullscreen %1
    • Create another key under open and give it name as DropTarget.
    • After doing it, Create a new string under droptarget and give it name as CLSID. Double click on it and give it value {FFE2A43C-56B9-4bf5-9A79-CC6D4285608A}.
    • Done.

    Now, Let’s check if it works.

    • Go to anywhere in your PC where contains some one or more photos.
    • Right click on any photo and navigate to Open With > Choose Another App.
    • Now, Click on More Apps.

    opening image with windows photo viewer in windows 10

    • In extended list, You will find Windows Photo Viewer. Just select it and also mark Always use this app to open .jpg files. There be be another format name like .png, jpeg, .gif, .bmp etc. instead of .jpg.
    • Now, Click on OK.

    After doing it, All of your jpg images will be opened with native “Windows Photo Viewer”.

    I hope, This article will help you. If you have any other questions related to it, Feel free to ask me.