How to Get Full Access to Any Files or Folders in Windows

How to Get Full Access to Any Files or Folders in Windows

August 4, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    For security reasons, You don’t have the ability to change or modify any secured or protected folders of windows. This rule is applicable by default to anyone including the administrator users. As a result, You can’t access to some sensitive files or folders of windows. It shows you a message something like “Access Denied”. Sometimes, You may need to modify or change a file or folder. But, You can’t do it because you don’t have full access to system folders. Fortunately, It is possible to get rid of this problem. If you can gain ownership of any files or folders, You will be able to change or modify it like other files and folder.

    In this article, You will learn about a few steps to gain ability to change or modify any system protected files or folder. But, You should know when and why you will need full access to these files or folders. Anyway, You can think about any worst situations of your PC when you must need to do system restore. But, You can’t do it. System restore is failing repeatedly. Because, It is not being able to do any changes in a specific folder which is protected and your user account doesn’t have full access to it. Again, You may need to delete any files or folders for troubleshooting purpose. But, You can’t do it. Because, You don’t have enough privileges to change or modify that folder. In such situations, You must need ownership or full access to these things. But, I don’t always recommend it. Because, These are sensitive folders and which should be protected for your security. So, You should not mess with them without any urgency.

    Get Full Access to Any Files or Folders and Fix Access Denied Problem in Windows:

    This is not a rocket science. You can gain ownership of any files or folders of windows by following a few steps. In fact, There are two common ways to do it. Here are they.

    1. Enable Secret Administrator Account:

    You are an admin user of your PC. But, You are not the one and only administrator. Despite of being an administrator, You still have some limitations. For example, You can’t change or modify some files or folders in your PC. But, There is a hidden admin account which have full access to your PC. By default, It remains inactive. But, You can enable it very easily. When, You face access denied issue while opening or changing any files or folders, You can activate secret administrator account of windows. Then, Try to change or modify that folder from newly activated secret admin user account. This time, You should not face such issue. Because, You have full access to that folder.

    2. Grant Full Access to Your Current User Account:

    First method works great in many times. Sometimes, That may not work. Specially, If a folder or file is owned by TrustedInstaller, You will only have read and execute ability. So, You can’t modify that. For example, If you want to modify a folder “WindowsApps” located at C:\Program Files, It may still show you access denied or not sufficient permission type messages. Because, It is protected and owned by TrustedInstaller. In that case, You will have to do some additional things. You will have to take ownership to get full access to that folder like it. So, Here are instructions to do it.

    • First of all, Right click on the file or folder you want to gain full access and choose Properties.
    • Now, Click on Security tab. There, You will see several options.

    Opening Advanced Security Window

    • Then, Click on Advanced. In new window, You will see the full permission and ownership details including File or folder location and its owner name.

    Changing Owner of a File or Folder in Windows

    • Click on, Change beside the owner name.

    Selecting User or Group to Grant Full access to system folders

    • It will open a small window where you can see a text field “Enter the object name to Select“. There, You can type your current user name and click on Check Names.

    Adding Owner to a Folder

    • After selecting the user name, Click on OK. Then, Check Replace owner on subcontainers and objects.

    Gaining Full Access of System Protected Files and Folders

    • Now, You should see an Add button. Just Click on it and select your username like before and give it full access including full control, reading, writing, executing etc. and then click on Apply and OK.

    If you can do above things, You will gain full access to any protected system folders or files of windows. But, You should not have these accesses unless there is any urgency.