The Fallout 4 – What’s Good & Bad

The Fallout 4 – What’s Good & Bad

September 20, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    The latest sensation in the gaming world, Fallout 4, was immediately accepted amongst players as one of the most amazing role playing games that have a truly interesting sense of presence and style. After Fallout 3, gamers were definitely expecting a lot, considering that Fallout 3 was also one of the most popular games in the gaming industry for a while. Gamers just adore this game because of its innovative sceneries and harsh looking backgrounds that have an artistic touch to them.

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    Fallout 4 is a game ahead of its time

    Unlike its predecessor, This game takes place in Boston. Its design is innovative and the sceneries look like they have been taken out from a movie. In this version, you have an option to customize the face of your character and give it assigned attributes. Fallout  4 will definitely alter the ways for upgrading the system of categories as you can unlock more than one tier while filling out the characteristics of your character.

    The good sides of Fallout 4

    So, basically, Fallout 4 is perhaps the most inventive game out there. Its unique sceneries are pure magic and plus, it offers so many things that you will not be sure what to do next. The newest features such as crafting and settlement management that were upgraded in this game are what make the game even more special. The world of this game is massive and definitely more inviting and the characters are deeply flexible and are continuously developing. The gunplay is smoother than ever, and the brand new way of crafting was integrated quite simple yet smooth. Also, it has a better visual variety than its predecessor, the Fallout 3 version.

    The bad sides of Fallout 4

    Even though this game’s high-quality is indescribable, we just have to mention some of its bad characteristics. It has a couple of logistical problems, such as the design choices and the destination markers. We also noticed frame rate slowdown while playing Fallout 4 on PlayStation Four. The dialog in this game is kind of too simple for such an amazing game as this, and the role playing is limited. Another thing that bugged some of the people who were trying out Fallout 4 is that this game has that easily predictable way of genre storytelling.

    The bottom line: Fallout 4 might be the best game of the year

    This game has more depth and is smoother than most of the new games that just simply cannot be compared to this glorious piece of art. Fallout 4 is truly a game with a design that is breathtaking, especially for people who love gaming and have been huge fans of the previous version. It is truly an upgrade from the third edition of the game. Everything in Fallout 4 looks too real while playing, it kind of makes you confused and feels like you are inside of your PC while you are playing this game.

    Fallout 4’s overall score is astonishing