Best Ways to Get Rid of Smartphone Addiction

Best Ways to Get Rid of Smartphone Addiction

August 15, 2019 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    How many Smartphone do you own? Whatever the number is, how many times of a day you spent on your phone? Answer it to yourself honestly. Well, the excess amount of using a smartphone is one kind of addiction. It is not far away when feature phones used to rule in the tech industry and being able to use the internet on them was kind of lavishness.

    How to Get Rid of Smartphone Addiction

    What is Smartphone Addiction?

    Can you live without a single hour without a smartphone? Probably, 99.99% will answer “No”. Even you don’t have any exact work or reason to do on your phone but still you’re tapping on your phone is a sign of addiction. You may see your girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse/friend is glued to their phone when they are with you and you’re being ignored.

    A study publishes in Journal of Personal and Ubiquitous Computing that Smartphone’s are interfering people’s lives. The study also claimed that there’s a “checking habit” found in the people who has participated in the study.

    There is also a fear of living without the phone. It is known as Nomophobia. Indeed smartphones are an important part of our life. But we need to take a break from the habit of using phones unnecessarily. Let’s get straight to the main topic to get rid of smartphone addiction and discuss the ways to deal with it easily.

     7 Ways That Simply Prevent Smartphone Addiction:

    When you look at your phone for 30 seconds and access some applications for no reason then you must think for! If the smartphone is the first priority of your life, you need to back off now. Let’s know some effective ways to prevent this addiction so that you can focus on your well-being.

    1. Change Notifications Settings:

    Actually, smartphones are designed to check notifications frequently. So, it’s very obvious people get addicted to it very easily and faster. Even wanting you rarely can stop checking out those notifications. Gladly, you can stop notifications alert by going into particular app’s app info on Android. Go to Settings and head to Notification center. So, make sure you’re switching off those app’s notifications those are really not necessary.

    1. Delete Unnecessary Apps:

    Your smartphone is loaded with many apps like Facebook, messenger, games and much more.  But every you have on your phone is really necessary? So, chuck out those unnecessary apps for now. So, it will not only give you some free time but also free space on your device.

    1. Set a Limit For Smartphone Usage:

    A limitation in everything is necessary. So, set the duration to use your phone. Like, while you’re having your meal, when you’re with your spouse/friends or you’re in social gatherings. You’ve to decide when you will use the phone and when you won’t.

    1. Switch Off Phone Before Going To Sleep:

    Most of us go to bed with the phone in their hands. We check out our social apps or sites, play games and listens to music for hours in the smartphone before going to sleep. But, using electronic devices before bed is really harmful to our health. It will be a better move if you just switch off your phone or keep it on silent mode, keep it far away from the bed and it will also give you a better good night sleep.

    1. Use Third-Party Apps:

    There are many apps available on Play Store to manage smartphone usage. So, you can enable Rescue Time and AppDetox features on your phone. These apps are going to monitor your usage and put limit when required. One of my favorite android apps named BreakFree available on Google Play Store. It gives you details about your usage and apps which are taking most of the time. For iOS users, this kind of app is going to come soon on iTunes.

    1. Don’t Buy Luxurious Phone:

    A luxurious device may be a trend nowadays. But there is hardly any need to buy those feature-rich phones which are also complex to use. You just go for a phone which meets up with your needs neither the phone which will confuse you and seeks your time.

    1. Use Feature Phone:

    Serious smartphone addiction can’t be solved by these above points. So, it will be a better choice if you switch to feature phone. Well, feature phones are really handy and also meet our needs.

    The article is not anti-mobile. You have to create a sense of using it properly. In a meanwhile, no addiction is good for you as well as smartphone addiction.