Turn On / Off and Customize Glance Screen in Windows Mobile

Turn On / Off and Customize Glance Screen in Windows Mobile

November 1, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Glance Screen is a cool feature which is available in almost all modern lumia phones. It allows you to display time, date and other information when your phone is in standby mode. Personally, I like this feature very much. All windows phones don’t have this feature. New devices specially windows 10 mobile devices have this feature. So, If you are using a phone released 2015/2016 or later, You can check for this feature. If you have it, You can customize it very easily.

    lumia glance screen windows phone 8.1

    How to Turn On / Off Lumia Glance Screen:

    You will find relevant options in your settings. If you have a windows phone 8.1, Just go to Settings > Glance Screen. There you can enable / disable this feature and set your preferences.

    If you have windows 10 mobile, You have to go to Settings > Extras > Glance Screen. There you will see all relevant options like wp 8.1. You can enable it by choosing the right option.

    Customize Glance Screen in Windows 10 Mobile / Windows Phone 8.1:

    Customize in WP 8.1 –

    After enabling this feature, You will see several options there. When you tap on Glance Screen field, You will get 4 options. Off, Peek, Interval, Always On.

    • Choose peek to turn on this feature for 30 seconds. But, Your phone will display it again automatically when it detects movement by sensor.
    • Choose Interval to show glance screen for 15 minutes in standby mode.
    • You can choose always on to keep showing this feature all time.

    You will find more features in other sections. You can choose any of your preferred options like “Always show glance screen when charging“, “Night Mode” etc. In night mode, You can choose your preferred glance color and time. Suppose, You have choose Red color and set the time 10 PM to 6 AM. In that case, Your glance screen color will be red at night after 10 PM. It will be normal after 6 AM.

    enabling glance screen windows 10 mobile

    Customize Glance Screen on Windows 10 Mobile –

    It is almost same like 8.1. Only the Settings path is different. Anyway, In Mode section, You will have 4 options. These are Off, 30 Seconds, 15 Minutes, Always on.

    • Choose Off to disable it.
    • Choose 30 seconds to show it for half minute. It is like the Peek option like 8.1.
    • Choosing 15 minutes will work like Interval feature of 8.1.

    From the Content section, You can choose which things you want to display. You can enable / disable Date and Notification icons from there.

    customize lumia glance windows 10 mobile

    It has Exception section like 8.1. You can enable disable night mode from here and choose the colors and time too.

    Glance Screen is obviously an amazing way to get notifications and time/date info in your phone during standby mode. Even you don’t need to unlock or press power button of your phone to get those things. That’s why this feature is quite popular among Microsoft lumia users. Other platforms (Android and iOS) also have this feature. It is getting popular. Hope, This article will help you. Don’t forget to let me know any feedback by comment.