Google: A Virtual Reality Device For Walking

Google: A Virtual Reality Device For Walking

December 16, 2018 By ellen

    Virtual Reality is becoming a desired item in our lives as the stresses of society apply pressure. Virtual Reality is a hot commodity because reality presents its own challenges. What if movement of the whole body in a virtual world was possible to purchase?

    Virtual Reality in the Past

    Virtual Reality has made a showing for years with movies and devices. Movies have been futuristic like in the movie lawnmower man, strange days, and the matrix. Some of these movies show the dangers of virtual reality. In the movie strange days, there was a fear of staying in virtual reality. Now, virtual reality is seen as something that can be controlled or even manufactured into a device that will help people. Virtual reality is good for those with mental disabilities because it takes you out of reality.

    Head Gear as a Virtual Reality Device

    Virtual reality head gear is becoming very popular for many purposes.  Before the 90’s, VR was explored with devices that showed panoramic spaces and put you in another world by just looking at an image. Viewmasters were very popular being a small and more primitive version of virtual reality. There is a new device called VR Google Roller Skates.

    Easy Walking on VR Google Roller Skates

    The VR Google Roller Skates are attached to your feet and position you in a virtual world, while simultaneously staying in the reality of your living room. These skates are on a treadmill that keeps your feet positioned back into place in the VR space on the floor. So, bumping into tables, once you start walking, is not possible.

    Infinite Space

    The VR shoes could be used to walk an infinite space. The size of the room is insignificant. Does the skates match every person’s gait?  The flexible surface would (again, theoretically) give you a natural-feeling gait while sliding across the floor, and the device could have omnidirectional treads, so it could pull you back into place even after you’ve turned or sidestepped.

    Why is VR Google Roller Skates Favorable? 

    Why are the VR Google Roller Skates a favorable item to purchase? Sometimes walking in the natural world can become mundane, and surfaces can be a lot rougher to manage. Also, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home, but put the skates on and be transported to a virtual reality.  The pace is a lot slower and controlled. Exercise and fun are wrapped into one slow-paced walking adventure.