Handy Google Chrome Shortcuts to Use Now

Handy Google Chrome Shortcuts to Use Now

October 29, 2018 By alberto

    Personally, I love to use chrome in my Windows operating system. It has more useful features than other browsers I have ever seen. You can also use Chrome on your Mac. So, If you learn some useful Google Chrome shortcuts and keys then you will able to browse faster. To save your time and get enthusiast experience there is more short keys than you think.

    Google Chrome Shortcuts for Windows & Mac:

    Let’s not wasting your time I will describe possible handy chrome shortcuts for your Windows, Linux & Mac operating system.

    1. New Tab:

    To open a tab you may use your courser. But simply pressing Command + T you can open a new tab on your Mac.

    For Windows PC, you can press Cltrl + T.

    1. Close Current Tab:

    It’s easier to close the current tab on Mac by holding Command + W rather than clicking on “X”. Click Cltrl + W to close current tab on your PC.

    1. Reopen Last Closed Tab:

    Unfortunately, you closed your tab mistakenly. In that case there is a way to reopen the closed tab on your chrome browser. Mac users can press Command + Shift + T and PC users can press Cltrl + Shift + T to reopen last closed tab.

    1. View Individual Tab:

    You can open several tabs on your chrome browser. To individually view every tab is necessary sometimes. Hold Command + number of the specific tab like 2 or 4. For example Command + 4 and the 4 number specific tab will be viewed. Windows user will also follow this process, hold Cltrl + 2 to jump back to 2 number tab.

    1. Go Previous Tab:

    It’s one of the favorite Chrome keyboard shortcuts. To view previous tab Mac users to hold Command + option + left arrow key and Windows users will hold Cltrl + 9.

    1. Go Next Tab:

    To go next tab Mac users press Command + option + right arrow key. For PC, hold Cltrl + Tab.

    1. Delete Search:

    You may go for a wrong search and need to delete that instantly. Mac users simply go for holding Command + Delete. PC users press Cltrl + Backspace button.

    1. Reload:

    To reload current page on your chrome browser Mac users hold Command + R and on PC press Cltrl + R.

    1. Open Hyperlinked Text in a New Tab & Window:

    If you’re reading an article attaching with hyperlink then you may want to open that link in a new tab. Mac users press Command + click on the link and it will open in a new tab. Press Cltrl + click on the link for Windows PC.

    To open hyperlink in a new window, Mac users press Shift + click on the link. The process is also same for Windows PC.

    1. Drag Cursor In Search Bar:

    Instantly you can drag cursor in the Google Chrome search bar. To do it, Mac users press Command + L and Cltrl + L for PC.

    1. Find Bar:

    To find a keyword on the page, press Command + F. For PC, press Cltrl + F.

    1. Save Bookmark:

    You want to save current page as bookmark, right? You can do it on your browser. Else, there’s a keyboard shortcuts hack to do it. Hold Command + D for Mac and Cltrl + D for PC.

    1. Downloads Page:

    You may need your downloads list to see some references or for something else. I often use this Google Chrome keyboard shortcut on my PC. I hold Cltrl + J for my PC. Mac users can press Command + Shift + J.

    1. Minimize Current Window:

    This shortcut is available only on Mac. You can minimize your window on Mac. Press Command + M for it.

    1. Highlight Previous and Next Word in Search:

    Previous next word of a search can be important sometimes to highlight. To do it, hold Shift + Option + Left arrow key.  For PC, press Cltrl + Left arrow key.

    If you need to highlight next word of a search, hold Shift + Option + right arrow key. Windows users press Cltrl + right arrow key.

    Chrome Window & Tab Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows & Linux:

    There are some similar shortcuts for Windows & Linux. Let’s know them.

    • Open a New Window = Cltrl + N
    • Leave Google Chrome = Cltrl + Shift + q
    • Close Current Window = Alt + F4
    • Go to Next Open Tab = Cltrl + Tab / Cltrl + PgDn
    • Go to Previous Open Tab = Cltrl + Shift / Cltrl + PgUp
    • Open Homepage = Alt + Home
    • Close All Tabs & the Browser = Cltrl + Shift + w
    • Minimize Current Window = Alt + Space + n
    • Maximize Current Window = Alt + Space + x
    • Open a New Window in Incognito Mode = Cltrl + Shift + n

    Well, these are some Google Chrome handy shortcuts you can try now on Windows, Mac & Linux.