8 Habits Made Bill Gates the Richest Man on the Planet

8 Habits Made Bill Gates the Richest Man on the Planet

October 16, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    It’s not a puzzle how Bill Gates has become the richest man in this world with a net worth around 80 billion. You may think, what is the secret of his becoming billionaire? He is also a human like us but what made him the richest man on this planet? Well, questions are many about his success but answer is so simple. GoBankingRates the personal finance site published about 10 habits that made billionaire fortune of Bill Gates. The secret behind his success is not only his intelligence or hard work. It is because of his habits and punctual daily activities. If you really want to know the reasons about Bill Gates being the richest man in the world then you must go through this article.

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    It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure. /Image Source: Quotes Gram

    Habits that Made Bill Gates the Richest Person:

    At the starting of personal computer era he had a lot of thing being in the right place. Without his smart approaches today’s Microsoft would not have been established like it is now. Well, let’s know how many habits of Bill Gates you need build up to be a successful and rich.

    1. He never Stops Learning.

    He is one of the most famous Harvard dropouts. The reason behind his dropout was that he and Paul Allen saw a window opportunity of starting their own software company.  Gates always loves to learn. He used to often sit on the classes for those he wasn’t actually signed up for. Steve Jobs has also something similar like him. Steve Jobs used to stuck around Reed College when he was drop out from that college, he used to sleep on floors in those days to attend the classes which interest him.

    1. He Spents Most of His Time in Reading.

    Bill Gates is such a book worm that once his father said in an interview that they had to establish no reading rule at the dining table. From encyclopedias, science fictions to every kind of books interest him. He reads everything from his personal mails to books. You can also establish this habit but at least don’t do it in dining table.

    1. Giving Credits to Other is also a Secret Of his Success.

    In an interview Bill Gates once declare that the best business decision of his had to do picking people when asked him the best decision he had ever made. He and Allen shared a complicated relationship always. Even though he chosen Allen as his business partner and also said choosing Allen for his business was at the top of that list. We all promote ourselves. Indeed it is necessary. It is as well as smart to give credit to others.

    1. He trusts his Own Judgment and Ability.

    It’s good for your career if you listen other’s opinions, judgments and predictions. But it’s not necessary that you have to follow them. To become like Marc, Steve and Gates you need to stuck with your creations and should listen to yourself even the rest of the world is telling you are wrong. Something also happened with Gates and Allen launching Microsoft when nobody was agreed with the idea that computer chips would be so powerful and computer would be at every home and software would be on every desktop. Everyone disagrees with their ideas and they launch Microsoft anyway. Well, the rest is history.

    1. He Does Work with Full Concentration.

    We all are easily distracted in work and guilty of doing multitasking. Though we know it is quite useless effort. Bill Gates not only avoid multitasking, he also acquire highly deep concentration while tasking. He is also been knows to fall asleep while coding. He also is much brilliant to pick up the work where he left.

    You don’t have to build this much concentration. But avoid checking Facebook notifications or messages or wandering somewhere on the net while doing work.

    1. He Learns from his Mistakes not from others.

    Gates once credited some of Microsoft’s success due their quick reorganizing a mistake in a 2008 interview. When a plan didn’t work they tried a different approach. It’s not hidden that he’s made some mistakes over the years and learnt from them. I hope you remember Windows Vista.

    1. He Reserved Money to Face Something Bad Always.

    He always make sure he has got enough money fund in bank to pay a year’s worth of enroll, in case they don’t get any payment in the coming time- he reveal this in an 1998 interview. He also said, they have around $ 10 billion now that is enough for the next year. So, think how much have you kept saving for you??

    1. He doesn’t Compromise with his Sleep.

    We all know how much sleep is important for us to stay active physically and mentally. It’s not a matter how late he works or if sleep-deprived is arises, he always make sure he is getting 7 hours of sleep at night unless he can’t be creative otherwise- he says. It’s a very good habit that you must follow.

    The list stops here. These are the habits that made Bill Gates- The Multi-billionaire. Now adopting these habits or not is in your hands to become richest like him.

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