Hardware Accelerated 5KPlayer: A Must-have to Play & Download 4K Videos

Hardware Accelerated 5KPlayer: A Must-have to Play & Download 4K Videos

July 21, 2017 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    4K video is breaking into the mainstream media rapidly with the dramatic increase of news telling certain gadgets get 4K video streaming or recording support on them. It is a feast to watch 4K videos, while it is not easy to find a player that deals with 4K videos without any difficulty. If you have problem in 4K video playback or downloading, you came to the right place. Here you will find 5KPlayer is just the one you need to play and download 4K videos at ease.

    Armed with hardware acceleration, free 5KPlayer plays 4K UHD videos steadily and smoothly, let along other media files. In addition, it is also a 4K UHD video downloader that can download online 4K 2016p videos for offline playback flexibly.

    5KPlayer Video Play

    Hardware Acceleration Support, Low CPU, Fast Processing

    In most cases, it is CPU-demanding to play 4K videos on computer. Adding too much burden to your CPU will lead to the laggings of video pictures, the overheat of CPU and even the freezing of computer. These problems will definitely influence the experience of watching 4K videos. Fortunately, integrating Microsoft API specification tech DXVA (DirectX Video Acceleration) into 5KPlayer, some CPU-intensive operations can be offloaded to GPU during the processing of decoding of 4K videos.

    Speeding up video decoding process also means less time required to open a 4K UHD video. By test, it didn’t take a full second to load a 4K 2160p video in 60ftps, 850MB size and 11 minutes length with a Windows 7 system, i5-2320 CPU, GTX 550 Ti and Intel HD Graphics 4600 computer.

    With the cutting-edge hardware acceleration technology shipped on 5KPlayer for free, users can active DXVA2 hardware acceleration, right click on the main interface of 5KPlayer, go “Hardware acceleration”, and tick “Dxva2”. After this, you will unleash the true power of 4K videos.

    5KPlayer hardware acceleration

    When you don’t need hardware acceleration to play general media file, just cancel Dvxa2 at the same place.

    5KPlayer dxva

    If you have concerns on 4K video codecs, don’t worry. With built-in robust codecs, 5KPlayer supports almost any kind of codec, including the generally known H.264 & H.265, YouTube used VP8 & VP9, UHD Blu-ray video used MPEG2, etc. There is no need to download and install extra codecs for 4K video playback.

    Losslessly Download Online 4K Videos

    It is a wise choice to download 4K videos for fluent offline enjoyment, because buffering will take a long time especially for those Ultra HD videos. And it is a pity that many online downloading sites don’t support 4K video downloading completely. They only provide a downloading of 4K without audio. You won’t be bothered with such trouble on 5KPlayer at all thanks to one of its important functions. Apart from playing 4K videos effortlessly, 5KPlayer provides you with the ability to download online 4K videos easily.

    Like many other video downloaders, 5KPlayer also does well in the URL analyzing & downloading process. Beyond that, 5KPlayer offers multi-task analyzing &downloading. After paste one URL for analyzing, you can copy and paste more URL one by one for analyzing. And to click each download button beside every video, they will start downloading. This time of testing, there were two videos downloaded at the same time, and others in queue. Furthermore, you can download intact subtitle with 4K videos together, if the online video provide a subtitle with the video.

    The majority of online video hosting sites adopt UHD-1 as their 4K streaming standard, that is to say, videos are in 16:9 aspect ratio with a resolution of 3840*2160 pixels. To download 4K videos, just select the one with 3840*2160 pixels from 5KPlayer. Still, some are in 3840*1744 pixels.

    How to Download 4K Videos with 5KPlayer:

    With only a few clicks, you can get online 4K videos on your computer.

    • Copy the URL of 4K video you want to download and click “Paste URL & Analyze”.
    • Click Gear Setting icon to show all video resolution.
    • Select 3840*2016, whether MP4 format or webm (VP8/VP9 codec) format, and “Done”.
    • Hit “Download” button to start downloading.

    To download subtitles with 4K videos, click “Subtitle” to analyze when you have selected the video resolution. When 5KPlayer detects the corresponding subtitle files, tick the very subtitle and then click “Done”. 5KPlayer can analyze all the subtitles related to the very video, and you can choose the right ones or download them all.

    5KPlayer download Videos

    More Functions of 5KPlayer

    As a media player, 5KPlayer handles more than 4K videos. It is able to play video music in any formats and forms, DVDs without regional restrictions, and online radios like BBC, CBS, KISS, ABC, etc. Another pleasant additional feature of 5KPlayer is AirPlay. 5KPlayer supports mirroring iPhone iPad screen on computer. Plus, recording iPhone iPad screen on computer is achievable with 5KPlayer while mirroring.

    Against many other hardware accelerated video players in the market, this 5KPlayer with previous successful experience in 4K video playback even before it’s hardware utility, is simply better able to bring you brand new experience to watch and download 4K videos.