He bought Google.com only for $12

He bought Google.com only for $12

September 30, 2015 By alberto

    This is very hard to get good .com domain name. But, One guy called Sanmay Ved was able to buy most recognized .com domain google.com! It is not for billion or million dollars! He bought google.com only for $12! May be, You are thinking it is a joke. But it is not a joke. It is true.

    Sanmay Ved bought Google.com only for $12:

    Tuesday, Sanmay Ved bought google.com for $12. Actually, He could buy this domain for a technical error. Ved published a blog in linkedin about this unexpected incident. He found google.com as purchasable. Then he purchased google.com.

    Ved said in his blog ‘A strange thing happened at 1:20 AM Eastern Time on Tuesday, September 29. I was learning more about the Google Domains interface, and typed google.com and clicked search domains. To my surprise, Google.com was showing as available!’

    Anyway, After purchasing google.com, he got all confirmation emails. It is so much surprising but true that Vad’s credit card was charged $12.

    Sanmay Ved said that he started to get webmaster related messages for google.com. In his blog post, He gave all the screenshots of emails from google after buying google.com.

    Ved’s google.com ownership was alive for very short time. After some moments, He got another email from google that his order had been canceled. Google was able to re-own and re-secure google.com. But it might be a headache for google.

    Still now, It is unclear what made Ved’s purchase possible. Google is still investigating the issue. Hope, They will find the actual technical problem soon. According to cnet.com ‘Google declined to comment on this story’.

    However, It is a new experience for google. But there is another incident similar to this. It was in 2003 with microsoft. Microsoft lost the hotmail.co.uk. But who bought hotmail.co.uk had returned this domain to microsoft at the same day.

    Anyway, You can read Vad’s blog post on this incident from this link.

    source: CNET