Are There Any Health Risks of Wifi?

Are There Any Health Risks of Wifi?

February 28, 2019 By alberto

    Wifi has been a great help for all of us lately. No matter what age the person is wifi is always there to help. Whether a student needs help with his assignment or a teacher with his lecture or a businessman to make contacts for spreading his business. Now none needs to sit for a stupid internet connection connected to our home phone lines as Wifi is accessible anywhere and everywhere. But as they always say, something that has advantages comes with hazards and risks as well. So today we would like to discuss some such Health Risks of Wifi.


    Since the discovery of Wifi since 1997, the researchers have been studying it through. They have discovered evident Health Risks of Wifi that affect the overall health as well as brain activity especially in Children.

    Following are some such Health Risks of Wifi which we like to highlight today:

    Retardation of Cell Development , Growth, and Functioning:

    A group of Ninth graders were experiencing a lack of sleep and disturbance in their normal daily routine when they slept beside a cell phone . To find out the cause of this derailment they decided to check it. They put one group of plants in a room with no Wifi routers. While the other with 2 routers producing the same amount of radiation as a cell phone. The result was shocking – there was no growth of the plant nearest to the router.

    Insomnia Due to Wi-Fi:

    You might have noticed that after using wifi for several hours it gets difficult for you to sleep. No its not the enjoyment factor but merely the radiations that’re harming your brain. A study was performed on a few students. Some were made to sleep beside real phones with Wifi while others beside fake phones. The results proved the health risks of wifi on sleep pattern. As it altered the brainwave patterns of the people who slept with real phones and did not let them sleep properly.

    Brain Function is Affected and Distorted

    Several scientists did an MRI on the people using 4G and came up with a diagnosis of the derailment of their brain activity which can be taken as one of the Health Risks of Wifi.

    Aggravates Cardiac Tension leading to Stress

    Many of you might have noticed a change of behavior of your body, especially heart in the presence of 3G or LTE cellphones. Well, it’s not just adrenaline but the radiations messing up with your cardiac system . It was reported based on a study that many people noticed a true physical response to Electromagnetic Radiations. Increased Heart Rate like a Heart under stress was the consequence. Not a big one but might lead to something bigger one day.

    Damaging of Childhood Development:

    Damaging to Childhood Development: - Health risks of wifi

    It has been known that radiations from WIFI also cause disruption of normal fetal growth and development. There was a study done in 2004 on animals which showed delayed kidney development. Then another study supported it . They argued that it also causes a decrease in protein synthesis especially in growing children and youth. This shows how dangerous it is for developing children to be around such harmful radiations coming from WIFI.

    Negative Effect on a Sperm:

    It was encountered for a long period of time that the heat from the laptops affects sperm activity . But now it was noticed that it wasn’t just the heat but the harmful radiations from wifi are the threat to a man’s virility. The researchers have found a strong association of Wifi Radiations to decrease motility of sperms and cause DNA fragmentation. Thus it shows how these rays affect the sperm activity negatively.

    Adverse effects on Female Fertility:

    Adverse effects on Female Fertility:

    Yes, you heard it right Wifi can be damaging to Female fertility and pregnant women too. The results of an animal study proved that it prevented egg implantation.It might also have resulted in a possibility of abnormal/ectopic pregnancy. This wouldn’t only affect the female itself but the father of the child and the child itself. Infant developmental abnormalities have already been discussed above too. So it’s a proof that WIFI radiations are a threat to human life and there are a lot of health risks of Wifi.

    Effects and Reduces the Brain Function of Females:

    There was a research carried out on 15 females with and without the Wifi radiations for 45 minutes each. When the group was tested for any change in behavior after spending 45 minutes without the radiations so there was no change. Moreover , then they were exposed to 2.4 GHz Wifi from a wireless device. There was a noticeable change in the brain function then. And the brain activity of the females as well as their energy levels were also affected.

    May Cause Cancer: 

    The word cancer is alarming for all of us as it has been ruining lives before you even know it exists. This is a controversial discussion but we can’t ignore the study which was carried out with plenty of animal models which proved that the exposure to these Wifi Radiations increased the risk of tumor development. Even though human studies are rare in this regard but there was a woman 21-year-old who developed a breast carcinoma without a familial/genetic predisposition. It was discovered later  that she developed the tumor on the exact spot she used to carry her cell phone in her bra.

     Yes, these 9 health risks of Wifi are devastating as we are so into using Wifi nowadays and all our tasks are dependent on it. Melatonin and L-Carnitine are known to protect yourself from the radiations. But again they can’t stop the radiations from affecting your body. So it’s better to shut the devices like laptops , cell phones or routers off while you are not using them. And keep them away from your body as much as possible. In the end, it’s only yourself who can protect your own body.