High Tech Computer Vive Focus

High Tech Computer Vive Focus

January 23, 2019 By ellen

    In our time with the various number of headsets, virtual reality is grabbing the public by storm. Virtual Reality used to be a surreal experience that you would see in the movies.

     Modern VR headsets fit under one of two categories: mobile or tethered. Mobile headsets are shells with lenses into which you place your smartphone. The lenses separate the screen into two images for your eyes, turning your smartphone into a VR device. 

    Quality of Virtual Reality

    A couple of things need to be considered before purchasing a virtual reality device: the cost, movement, experience. The Sony’s Playstation VR  incorporates an amazing experience, and it is easy to use even though it is tethered. However, sometimes being tethered restricts movement.

    The Vive Reality

    Being tethered can hinder the experience, especially if movement is within the immersion of the VR device. The HTC Vive supports whole-room VR and comes with motion controls. You can become fully immersed into real world situations either sitting, standing, or walking. However, it is expensive and tethered.

    Vive Focus Experience

    Now, the Vive Focus is definitely perfected from other VR head sets in that it focuses clearly on the virtual reality experience-virtual enhances the reality. Free range of movement can be in your home or outside as you keep the head-set on for a sustained experience. It has outward facing cameras and tracks a person’s motion.

    It is also light weight and comfortable and fits lower on the back of the head. The Vive Focus processes everything inside the head set, and there is no need for tethering to a PC. It tracks your experience and the resolution is clear. 

    In Comparison to Virtual Reality Gear

    Movement seems to be the biggest difference between various VR head sets. The Vive Focus allows freedom with head movement and there are adjustable features. Six hundred dollars is the running cost for the VR head- set. The quality of the virtual reality experience is worth the cost.