Hoverboard costs $20,000 can fly for 6 minutes!

Hoverboard costs $20,000 can fly for 6 minutes!

December 31, 2015 By kirsten

    Hoverboard, the latest version of ArcaBoard, has a capability of 80kg, and can fly in any surface just for 6 minutes. A numerous number of companies have been striving to make a real hoverboard over the world. These nonstop processes are continuing for more than two decades. Finally, a private space company ArcaSpace, claims to be the first to bring hoverboard out for sale. The cost of this enormous scooter is $19,900. Arca has released a video showing off ‘ArcaBoard’, a rectangular hoverboard powered by fans that can hover on the ground. This item becomes a household name in 2015. In some countries, it also become the must have accessory for the young kids.

    Hoverboard is similar to a skateboard without wheels. It was first a flying board used for personal transportation in the science fiction adventure comedy films, Back to the Future Part II, and Back to the Future Part III directed by Robert Zemeckis in 1990s. Boards were in fact genuine, but not promoted because they were considered too dangerous by parents’ group. All of the past tales have been credibly debunk this year when this real board comes into the light.

    Reasons behind the popularity of self-balancing hoverboards

    Usually, magnet technology is used in the flying scooters to create lift, and in additional they require a special magnetic surface for flying. Without applying this technology, ArcaBoard scripts a boatload of ultra-powerful fans into a thick rectangle with huge power to elevate a human off the surface. This device gets its power about 430 pounds of thrust, or 272 horsepower, from 36 electric fans.

    This hoverboard can run for 6 minutes with maximum speed of 12.5 mph before it needs a 35-minute recharge. According to the company, this scooter is built in some self-balancing technology to make it fly efficiently. The fan-powered rectangle can lift a person off any ground by almost a foot. It has also built-in stabilization system to maintain the board stable all the time. Users can connect the board with Android or iOS device via Bluetooth. The Smartphone app technology can be used to control the height and the flight. The supplementary video shows in the website are blindly serious. The setting footage of the board in action and graphics that show it built against a background of echoic piano.

    Dumitru Popescu, ArcaSpace’s CEO, says that, although, it does not attractive like 1.0 version or others, but it works magnificently. Popescu also added, it does not look easy to ride, but definitely flies. However, the video shows in the website that, the Hover is toiled as advertised. This private space company is not shy about its ambitions for this scooter-device on the company’s website. It brings a revolutionary breakthrough for transportation from the bicycle, automobile or airplane to ArcaBaord. It can be read from the website, “For the first time, every person will be able to fly anytime, anywhere. The world, your world, will change forever.”

    The price of the hover is beyond the ability of any normal individual, because a big portion of the population does not actually have about $20,000 to spend on hoverboard. However, the space company goes to set back a cool price when it starts shipping in April 2016.