How to Delete Partition on Mac

How to Delete Partition on Mac

November 2, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Apple has published the final version of EI Captain. It brings more features. It also improved its interface. So now it is so user friendly. Now deleting a partition on Mac is not tough. It is quite easy now. So, You don’t need to be worried. You can easily delete partition in two steps by using disk utility. In this article, I’ll show you how you will know how to do it.

    Disk Utility - Mac Partition

    Steps to Delete Partition on Mac:

    You can do it by two easiest steps. Follow these to steps to delete partition on Mac.

    Step 1: Erasing Partition

    This is the first step to delete mac partition. You just need to open a tool called Disk Utility. At first you have to erase partition on Mac. Then you can delete partition on Mac. To Erase partition on Mac, Just follow the instructions given below.

    • Search Disk utility using spotlight. Or you can find it in Applications > Utilities.
    • Open Disk Utility.
    • Now, Look at the left panel. Click on the drive that you want to delete.
    • Then click on the Erase button. You will see erase button on the top of disk utility window.
    • You will see a new window after clicking on Erase button.
    • Then click on Erase and then click on Done.

    Step 2: Removing Partition

    In this step you have to delete the empty drive of Mac. To do it –

    • Select your hard drive from the left panel.
    • Now click on partition button. You will see it at the top.
    • Now on the left you just need to select the partition you just erased a few seconds ago.
    • Now you have to click ‘-‘ button.
    • Then click on Apply.
    • Wait for a few moments. Disk Utility will finish the process.
    • Then click on Done.

    So these are the instructions to delete hard drive partition on Mac.

    Source: Cnet