How to Fix Error 0x80010108 in Windows 10


Windows 10 seems too much buggy. Users are facing many critical errors in windows 10. But a new windows store error has arrived. Thousands of users are facing error 0x80010108 on windows 10. It is normally seen in windows store during installing any apps. But you may encounter error 0x80010108 during opening any apps, opening photos, playing videos or music. It also appear during windows update.

Error Code 0x80010108:

This error prevents users to download or install any apps from windows store. You can’t be able to install a app for this unexpected error. It comes with the following message “Try that again. Something went wrong. The error code is 0x80010108, in case you need it“.

HD screenshot of Error 0x80010108 Windows Store Windows 10

How to Fix Error Code 0x80010108 in Windows Store:

This error can be fixed by following several ways. But before that, I recommend you to follow some steps.

Get Ready to Repair Error 0x80010108:

At first follow these steps –

Step 1: Enable UAC

  • Press Windows Flag Key + X and Click on Control Panel.
  • Navigate to  Control Panel > User Accounts > User Accounts.
  • Click on Change User Control Account Settings.
  • Drag the bar up to set Always Notify.

Step 2: Check the Date & Time

Check your date and time setting. If you find wrong, Correct it.

Step 3: Make sure your Screen resolution is set to at least 1024×768

To do it –

  • Navigate to Start Menu > Settings > System > Display
  • Now scroll down and click on Advanced Display Settings
  • Choose your display resolution

Fix Error 0x80010108:

After following these 3 steps above follow the methods below to fix error code 0x80010108.

Method 1: Clearing Windows Store Cache

Clearing Windows Store cache works sometimes. To do it –

  • Open Command Prompt.
  • Type wsreset.exe and press Enter.
  • It will clear windows store cache.
  • Now try to install apps from Windows Store.

Method 2: Fixing Network Issue

Error 0x80010108 may be caused by any network related issues. So, Take care of these things –

  • If you use proxy, Stop using it.
  • Try to install apps by not using VPN.
  • Use different network.
  • Clear DNS Cache.

Method 3: Re-Enable Third-Party Services to Fix Error 0x80010108

Sometimes, Above methods may make you disappointed. In that case, This method may help you. To do it –

  • Open Run by pressing Windows Key + R from keyboard
  • Type msconfig and press Enter
  • Click on Services tab
  • Then click on Hide all microsoft services and then click on Disable all
  • Click on Apply and OK

hiding microsoft services msconfig

  •  Restart your computer
  • Now, Undo the changes (Enable these services again) and restart your PC.
  • Then try to install or update any apps or update your windows and see error 0x80010108 has gone away

Method 4: Use Modern UI App troubleshooter to Fix Error Code 0x80010108

You can download this troubleshooter from here:

After downloading it troubleshot your PC. It should fix error 0x80010108. But you may see the troubleshooter could not fix an error. Most probably, That is Service registration is missing or corrupt. If Yes, Read: How to Fix Service registration is missing or corrupt

Method 5: Disable Security Software

Sometimes, Antivirus or firewall may be responsible for error 0x80010108 on windows store or any where of your PC. So try to disable these temporarily and see if it works.

Method 6: Repair Corrupted System Files

Probably, Your system files has been corrupted. That is causing the error 0x80010108. In that case, I must recommend you to repair corrupted system files.

Method 7: Clean Install Windows

If no methods mentioned above work for you, You can do a clean windows 10 installation to fix error 0x80010108.

Source: Microsoft Support Forum


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