How to Fix Error 194 on Google Play Store

How to Fix Error 194 on Google Play Store

September 24, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Google Play Store is the most trust-able source of android apps. But android users may face some particular errors while installing or updating any apps from google play store. Error 498, Error 492, Error 927 etc. are very common play store errors. But recently Android lollipop users reported a new play store error. That is error 194. It is frequently seen in android lollipop and android marshmallow. Kitkat users also may face error 194.

    Screenshot of Google Play Store Error 194

    Error 194:

    Error 194 is a google play store error that stop you to install or update any apps. It may become so annoying when it appears frequently. A simple restart may fix error 194 (10% possibility). But it is not the permanent solution. In this article, You will know some effective methods to fix error 194.

    How to Fix Error 194:

    Error 194 can be solved by following methods.

    Method 1: Clearing Cache & Data

    This is common method for any play store error.

    • Go to Setting > Apps
    • Find Google Play Store and tab on it.
    • Now tap on Clear cache.
    • Then tap on Clear data.
    • Now open google play store and try to install your desired app.

    This method may not work all time. So you may need to follow next methods.

    Method 2: Uninstall Play Store Update

    Uninstalling Play Store updates may help you to fix error 194. To do it-

    • Go to Setting > Apps.
    • Now tap on Google Play Store.
    • Now tap on Uninstall Updates.

    Method 3: Resetting Phone

    This is the last method you can do to fix error 194. But before doing it, backup your files & data. To reset phone –

    • Go to Setting > Backup & Reset
    • Now go to Factory Data Reset.
    • Now tap on Reset Phone.
    • Now you will be asked to enter your password.
    • After entering password, Tap on Erase everything.

    It may take sometimes to complete reset. After resetting your phone, Add your google account & try to install apps from google play store. I hope, You won’t face error 194.