How to Fix Error 651 in Windows

How to Fix Error 651 in Windows

September 15, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Windows users often face an error when they try to connect to the internet(Broadband or Modem). This is error 651. During connecting internet, you may see the error with this message Connection failed with error 651. You may not be able to connect to the internet, if error 651 appears repeatedly. So it’s better to know the solution.

    How to Fix Error 651 in Windows

    How to Fix Error 651:

    You can follow some methods to fix error 651. Now, i’m describing some methods to fix this error.

    1. Reinstall Modem:

    If you are using a dial up modem and facing error 651, you can uninstall your modem and install it again. There are many users who solved this error by following this method.

    2. Disable IPv6:

    This is one of the most successful methods to fix error 651. Just go to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network Connections and right click on your connection name. Then uncheck Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) and click on OK.

    3. Disable Auto-tuning Feature:

    There are many users who solve error 651 by disabling windows auto tuning feature. To do it-

    • Open Command Prompt as Administrator.
    • Type Netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=disabled and press Enter.

    4. Replace raspppse.sys:

    If you are windows 7 user, replace raspppse.sys from windows 7 directory.

    5. Reinstall LAN Card:

    Some users got solved their error 651 by reinstalling LAN card driver. So you can try this method.

    6. Delete Connection:

    If you are a dial up modem user, go to Control Panel > Netwhak and Internet > Network Connections and delete your connection name. Then try to connect internet from your modem application. A few users have solved error 651 by this method.

    7.  Perform Clean Boot:

    Performing clean boot helps you to find out and solve problems. So you can try it. Else you can read Troubleshoot Windows Problems to troubleshoot your driver problems.

    source: smarttricks