How to Fix Error 80072F8F Windows Phone

How to Fix Error 80072F8F Windows Phone

September 14, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    We all know Microsoft Windows for phone is not so old in mobile OS market. It is in developing stage. However, It has won a class of peoples mind. It is being popular day by day. Users are discovering new new errors in windows phone. One of a windows phone error is 80072f8f. When you try to update your windows phone, you may see an error message We are currently unable to check for updates (80072f8f). It is not a new error of windows phone. When windows phone 8.1 was released, many windows phone 8 users were failed to upgrade their OS to windows phone 8.1 for this error 80072f8f. Windows 10 for mobile is coming soon. So many windows phone 8.1 users may fail to upgrade their OS for this error 80072f8f. Else any updates may be interrupted for this error. So you should know how to fix windows phone error 80072f8f.

    How to Fix Error 80072F8F Windows Phone

    Fix Windows Phone Error  80072F8F:

    Incorrect date and time setting may cause error 80072f8f. Else mismatch of your region setting is also responsible for error 80072f8f. So fixing these settings may fix error 80072f8f. You also may take some extra steps to solve this error. All solutions are given below.

    • At first go to Settings > date+time.
    • If you see your your date and time has been set to  automatically, turn it off.
    • Now set your correct time and date, time zone manually. (You may need to change your time zone according to the place where you had purchased your windows phone)
    • Now go to Settings > region.
    • Then correct your region setting and restart your phone.

    Hopefully, this method will fix windows phone error 80072f8f.

    Alternative Method to Fix Error 80072F8F of Windows Phone:

    You may still face error 80072f8f in your windows phone. Though this is very rare. Then the only thing you can do is resetting your phone. Backup your important data before resetting windows phone. Because this process will erase your phone memory. To reset your phone –

    • Go to Settings > about.
    • Then tap on reset your phone.
    • It may take a few minutes. After resetting your phone, choose your correct settings.
    • You may follow the method given above, if needed.

    I hope this blog post will help you to fix windows phone error 80072f8f. If any one has better idea, you can share by comment.