How to Fix Error 905 in Google Play Store

How to Fix Error 905 in Google Play Store

September 20, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    There are a lot of Android 5 Lollipop users who reported google play store error 905. During downloading or updating any apps, You may face this error 905 with an error message – “App Name” could not be downloaded due to an error. (905)

    fix error 905

    Most of the users who reported error 905 had upgraded their earlier android version to android lollipop. That means after upgrading to android 5 lollipop, They are facing this error. So it can be guessed error 905 may be caused by any memory issue or hardware incompatibility issue. But i don’t know the actual reason. Error 905 may also occur in Android Kitkat & Jelly Bean version.  Anyway,There are some common solutions to fix error 905 of android.

    Fix Error 905 of Google Play Store Android:

    These are the most common methods to fix android error 905.

    Method 1: Keeping Screen on Until Installation is Complete

    This is the most common way to fix error 905. If you face any this error during installing any app, You should keep your screen on until installation is complete. To do it-

    • Go to Setting > Display > Sleep.
    • Now set your screen timeout time higher than before so that your screen remain on until installation is complete.
    • Now go to Google Play Store and Download/Install that problematic app.

    I hope it may help you to install the app without facing error 905.

    Method 2: Stopping Background Processes

    This is another method to fix error 905.

    • Go to Settings > Apps.
    • Now view running apps by sliding your screen right to left or left to right.
    • Now tap on an unnecessary app that is running on background.
    • Tap on Force stop.
    • By this ways stop all heavy and unnecessary apps.
    • Now open Google Play Store and try to install that app again.

    Method 3: Uninstalling Play Store Updates

    Sometimes this may work for you.

    • Go to Settings > Apps.
    • Scroll down and find Google Play Store.
    • Tap on it and tap on Uninstall Updates.
    • Restart your phone.
    • Now try to install the app.

    If you face error 905 after google play store’s recent update, This method should work for you.

    Anyway, If you still face error 905, You may follow the next methods.

    Method 4: Clearing Cache/Data/History

    Clearing cache and cookies, Data and History may also solve error 905.

    • Go to Settings > Apps.
    • Tap on an Google Play Store.
    • Tap on Clear Data and Clear Cache.

    You can use any app like clean master to clear your phone’s cache and data.

    Method 5: Resetting Phone and Formatting Memory

    If you still face error 905, This is the final method for you. You can reset your phone and format your memory card. Before that backup all of your important data.

    If you know any better solutions, You can share with us by comment.

    You may also find newer solutions by searching on Google.