How to Fix Error

How to Fix Error

September 12, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Most popular mobile operating system android users may face some errors. Most of them are play store error. Like other play store error is same. During downloading any apps, this error may occur.

    When you try to download an app from google play store, your downloading process may be aborted by a pop up error message ‘Unfortunately the process has stopped‘. This is much annoying. Adding a new account in play store or any app may be responsible for this error But like other play store error it also has solution. If you follow my instruction, you may be able to fix this play store error.

    How to Fix Error

    How to Fix Process

    Like all google play store error, error’s solution is almost same. Now you will be introduced with some methods to fix error

    Method 1: Disabling Download

    Disabling downloads may fix error. To disable download-

    • Go to Setting and select Apps.
    • You will see the options in three categories. Download, Running and All. Slide and open All category’s options.
    • Scroll down and select and select Download.
    • Now tap on Disable. If you see that is already disabled. Tap on Force Stop.

    This method may work to fix error, if you are lucky.

    Method 2: Clearing Cache of Infected App

    If you are facing process error for a app, clearing that app’s cache memory may solve your problem. To do it-

    • Go to Setting and select Apps.
    • Now now tap on the culprit app.
    • Now tap on Clear Data and Clear Cache.
    • After clearing cache, you won’t face error. But if you still face this error, Uninstall the app or re-install that.

    Hopefully, this method will solve your play store error

    Method 3: Resetting App Preferences

    Process error can also be fixed by resetting app preferences. To do it-

    • Go to Setting and tap on Apps.
    • Now open menu and select Reset App Preferences.

    Now see process problem has gone.

    Hopefully, any of these three methods will work for you. But if you still face this error, you can reset your phone or tab to fix error.