October 27, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Blue screen of death is a major problem for windows users. NTFS FILE SYSTEM is another BSOD. Any windows users may encounter this issue. But recently, Many users who upgraded their PC from windows 7 or 8 to 10 have reported this error many times. So, You also have chance to face this error. If you are familiar with BSOD and have also experience of repairing blue screen like NTFS file system error, You can fix this problem easily. Actually, This problem name indicates that this is related to your disk drive. Anyway, Let’s know about it in details.


    You will experience the same things like other BSOD. But most of the time following things may occur –

    • You may face it right after your PC startup.
    • You may encounter it when you try to run any specific programs.
    • PC will hang on a stage for a few seconds or minute, Then restart by showing you the error name NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM.
    • PC performance may become worst.

    What Causes this NTFS FILE SYSTEM Error:

    This problem name indicates that it is related to hard drive. It’s true. Most of the time, Hard disk problems create this blue screen problem. The main reasons behind this error are –

    • Corrupted Hard Drive
    • Memory problem.
    • Third-Party software problems.

    How to Fix NTFS FILE SYSTEM Blue Screen Error:

    Repairing processes of this issue are not complex. My first suggestion is Find hard disk errors and fix. That may help. Anyway, Here are some methods to fix this BSOD –

    1. Repairing Hard Disk Problem:

    This error is related to your hard drive. So, You can start repairing process by fixing hard disk problems. You can run chkdsk, disk error checking tool etc. to do it. I’ve wrote an article a few days ago about it. That can help you. Read: Fix HardDisk Problems. It will be a good idea, If you do it in safe mode. If you are windows 7 or older version user, You can use F8 method too boot into safe mode. But if you are a windows 8 or 10 user, Read this article.

    2. Disable Security Software:

    Antivirus or firewall programs can conflict with any of your driver and create problem. So, You should try to disable these programs and restart your PC and check if you face NTFS FILE SYSTEM again. If you see the real culprit is your antivirus or firewall, Try to remove it.

    3. Repair Startup:

    Sometimes, This error may stop you completely to access your PC. NTFS File System error may appear before login into your PC. In that case, This method can be helpful for you. I found this method on Microsoft Community. Anyway, Here are the steps –

    • Have a bootable windows installation media. It can be your pendrive or DVD.
    • Insert it in your PC and restart.
    • Boot from the installation media. For some PCs, You may have to press F8/F10 key to open Boot Menu. From there, Select your bootable media drive such as: USB Flash Drive or CD/DVD RW etc.
    • When windows setup window appear, click on Next.
    • Then click on Repair your Computer.

    startup repair windows

    • Navigate to Troubleshoot > Advanced Options.
    • Under System Recovery option, You will see Startup Repair or Automatic Repair option. Choose it.
    • Now your PC will automatically diagnose and fix the startup errors. If it fails to fix the problem, It will also tell you.
    • But i hope, It will fix this problem.

    4. Diagnosing Memory Problem:

    NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM occurs not only for hard disk / SSD problems but also for memory fault. So, You should check your memory and try to fix it. In that case, Windows Memory Diagnostic tool can help you.

    5. Updating Windows and Everything:

    Microsoft fixes the major bugs by windows update. Again, Outdate drivers can cause incompability issue. So, You always should keep your PC up to date. It will for your security as well as smooth computing with less errors.

    6. System Restore:

    In fact, Method 1,2,3 are the most successful method to fix this ntfs file system error. But if you fail to repair the issue, A system restore can help you a lot. You will just need to restore your PC to its previous point when it was running fine without issues. It is not a big deal. You can do system restore very easily.

    7. Re-Install or Reset Windows:

    This is the last way to fix any windows errors. A clean installation can cure all of your problems like blue screen or system file corruption errors. Resetting is also similar but not as secured as clean installation.

    Additional Tips:

    Sometimes, Windows installation or reset may not fix the problem. In that case, You can install any older version or newer version of windows. But if you find, You are still facing the problem, Then it is a hardware issue. That means, Their is something wrong with one of your physical hardwares like hard disk or motherboard. Go to an expert and get help from him / her.

    Anyway, I hope, This article will help you to fix NTFS FILE SYSTEM blue screen error. If you have any new idea that can be helpful, You can share with us through a comment.