How to Force Google to Crawl URL Immediately

How to Force Google to Crawl URL Immediately

October 6, 2018 By kirsten

    There are many webmasters who are upset because google doesn’t crawl their website frequently. As a result their latest post are indexed lately in google. It is really a problem for them. They lose extra traffic from google search from this problem. It may have many reasons. One of the possible reason is ‘They don’t have a sitemap’. Anyway, that’s not my topic for this time. Because, Today i have just come to give you a trick to force google to crawl URL immediately. You will not force actually. You will just invite google to crawl your website or a specific webpage. It will help you to get some extra search traffic from google. Anyway, lets know the trick.

    How to Force Google to Crawl URL Immediately

    Force Google to Crawl URL Immediately:

    If you want to invite google to crawl your website URL immediately, you will require a google webmaster account. So at first create an account in google webmaster. Then verify your website with your newly created webmaster account. Then you will be able to force google to crawl url immediately. To do it you have to follow the steps below.

    Steps to Invite Google to Crawl URL:

    Step 1:

    At first sign in into google webmaster account. Then go to your property.

    Step 2: 

    After completing first method, find the Crawl tab in left sidebar.

    Step 3:

    Click on crawl and then click on fetch as google.

    Step 4:

    Now type your URL in the URL box and click on fetch.

    How to Force Google to Crawl URL Immediately

    Step 5:

    After fetching your website URL, Click on Submit to Index.

    Step 6:

    Now you will see two options. One is ‘Crawl only this URL’ and another one is ‘Crawl this URL and its direct links’. Choose an option and then click on Go.

    how to force google to crawl your website

    Done. After a minute later, you will see your website url in google search results. 99% times, this trick works great. Sometimes it may take a bit time.

    But, You should not depend on this trick. Because, Googlebot won’t crawl a new or low authority site immediately even after invitation for crawling. So, At first make quality contents and do white-hat SEO.

    By following this trick, you can easily force google crawlers to crawl url immediately. I hope this trick will help you. If you have any questions, ask me by comment.