How to Improve Domain Authority (DA)

How to Improve Domain Authority (DA)

October 26, 2018 By alberto

    Domain Authority (DA) is an important fact for a website. DA is a website metric developed by Moz. Its minimum value is 0 and maximum value is 100. Higher Domain authority (DA) represents a good website. It is also very important for search engine visibility. But there are many new webmasters who don’t know about it. This article is for them. In this article, You will know some basic methods to improve your website’s domain authority (DA).

    Increase Domain Authority by Moz

    Domain Authority (DA):

    I already said DA is a website metric which is Developed by Moz. More DA score makes your site more trust-able. DA or Domain Authority depends on many things such as good amount of high quality backlinks, contents, internal linking, On page SEO, Domain age etc. Facebook, Google’s DA score is 100 out of 100. It is almost impossible to gain this score. And this is very difficult to have a higher DA score. But if you work smartly, Your site will have a good DA score slowly. Anyway, Here are some basic methods to increase DA score.

    Improve Domain Authority (DA) of Your Site:

    Follow these steps to improve domain authority.

    1. On Page Optimization:

    This is the first condition to improve domain authority (DA). You need to care of on page SEO. On page SEO is not only important for DA, But also important for PA, PR, Search Engine Visibility etc. Your website must have good title tags, descriptions, keywords etc. Your permalinks should be short and relevant. You must optimize your contents. Else you also make sure that your site has a good SEO friendly structure and a XML sitemap.

    Having a good user & SEO friendly clean site structure brings more chance to have high domain authority. Make sure users can easily access one page to another. It also decrease your bounce rate.

    Internal linking is also a most important fact. Internal linking effects positively on your Domain authority score. Having more contents make easy to have more internal linking.

    2. High Quality Contents:

    This is an important point. Low quality contents never represent a good website. So you must have high quality SEO optimized contents. They must have good keywords. You should research and find good topics relevant to your website. Then you can publish high quality contents. If you are a blog site admin, You should make sure that all of your blog posts have at least 350 words. Shorter and non-unique contents can harm SEO as well as affect negatively on your DA score. If your contents have more pictures, You should have more words. Read How to write SEO friendly Article.

    3. Good Social Signals:

    Social media is one of biggest facts. Proper social media strategy brings more followers and visitors to your website. It also increases sharing your contents on social media by other users. You can’t ignore this point to improve Domain Authority (DA). So make sure that you have made the following things-

    • Creating Profiles/Pages on major social media sites.
    • Setting up social profiles properly.
    • Achieving high social followers.
    • Promoting your social media presence to your site.
    • Promoting your site on social media.
    • Getting social followers by your Viral Contents.

    You should bear in mind ‘The more your site is social, The more your site gain Domain Authority (DA) score’.

    4. Optiming Backlinks:

    You may have millions of backlinks. But you won’t get benefits until you have high quality backlinks from good websites. I always recommend backlinks from the sites which have at least DA score 20 and Page Rank 1. Try to have backlinks from Educational and Govt. sites

    Another thing you should care is removing low quality and toxic backlinks. I know this is not easy. But you have to do it for your SEO and DA score. Find and remove all spammy backlinks. Check, If you have backlinks from blacklisted websites.

    5. Keep Patience:

    Domain Authority or DA score also depends on domain age. So for a newer site, It is so tough to have good domain authority. So you should also keep patience to improve domain authority score of your site.

    These are the common methods to improve Moz Domain Authority (DA) score.