How To Recover Hacked Facebook Account

September 28, 2018 By alberto

    Facebook hacking is a common matter though its a cyber crime. A Facebook account represents one’s personality. So Facebook hacking is unexpected to every Facebook user. But hackers are trying to find new new ways to hack Facebook account. And everyday they are applying these techniques. So you have to be careful. But if your account is hacked, what you will do? Don’t be upset. There are some ways to recover hacked Facebook account. And today i’ll discuss how to recover hacked Facebook account. But i think at first you should know how to prevent Facebook hacking. You can read this article Prevent Facebook Hacking And Secure Your Facebook Account.

    Recover Hacked Facebook Account easily

    Ways To Recover Hacked Facebook Account:

    Its so easy, if you can do. Just follow the methods below.

    1. Recover Hacked Facebook Account By Email Or Mobile Number:

    You should protect your email password and don’t forget it ever. If your Facebook account has been hacked, you can recover it by email or your mobile number.


    – First of all go to Facebook.

    – Click on “Forgot Your Password?”

    Recover Hacked Facebook ID

    – Now type your user name, mobile number or email address.

    How To Recover hacked fb account

    – Now Select your account.

    – Now You have to choose How you would like to reset your password.

    – Select your Email or Mobile number and click on continue.

    Recover Hacked Facebook Account by easiest method

    – Now you will get a link via email or receive a security code via sms in your mobile.

    – Use it to reset your password and set a new strong password.

    2. Recover Hacked Facebook Account By Security Question:

    If you are unable to recover your Facebook account by email or mobile number, its a good way for you. All Facebook account must have a security question. Because Facebook always recommend to set a security question. Anyway, to recover Facebook account via security question, you have to follow these steps below.


    – Go to Facebook and click on Forgot password as before.

    – Now find your account by email, mobile number or user name as before.

    – Now select your Facebook account.

    – Then you have to click on “No Longer Have Access To These?”


    – Now Facebook may ask for your new email or mobile number. You need to give your new email or mobile number. Then click continue.


    – Then Facebook will ask your security question. Answer it properly and recover your Facebook account.

    3. Recover Facebook By Trusted Contacts:

    If you failed to recover your Facebook account again, this step is for you. Just follow the steps below


    – Go to Facebook and click on forgot password.

    – Find your Facebook account and select “No Longer Have Access To These?”

    – Now Facebook may show you an option to recover via trusted contacts.

    -If you find any option to recover by trusted contacts, select that.

    – Now Facebook may ask you to give your 3 trusted contacts name. Give it and contact with your 3 trusted friends.

    – You trusted contacts/friends should have security code. Get the codes from them and use it to recover your Facebook account.

    4. Recover Facebook Account By Known Browser

    If you find that hacker has changed your email address or mobile number, you can use this method. Just follow the rules.


    – Login your email address and find Facebook has notified you via an email about recent changes of your account.

    – In that email you will know when your password was changed or email address was changed. You will also find this ” If you didn’t do this, Secure your account”

    fb email

    – Now click on Secure your. You have to do this from a known browser for your Facebook account. I mean the browser you have used before to login into your Facebook account.

    – Now Facebook will give you some instruction, follow them and recover your Facebook account.

    5. Recover Facebook Account By Creating New Account

    Its a good and last option for you. Just follow the steps.


    – Create a new account.


    – Go to your hacked account’s timeline by new account.


    – Click on Report Button and Select “Recover or Close This Account”


    – Now Facebook shows some recovery options. Follow these and try to recover your account.

    I think these methods will help you to recover your hacked Facebook account. If you have any question, you can ask me by comment.

    Source: Facebook Helptechypassion