How to Reset iPhone without Password

How to Reset iPhone without Password

October 23, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Almost everyone uses password as a security on their smartphone. It doesn’t allow any unauthorized access on smartphone. iPhone users also use password for security. It is not impossible to forget your iPhone password. So it is a very good idea to know what you can do after forgetting your iPhone password. It may have several solutions. But you can do a factory reset. In this article, You will know how to reset iPhone without password.

    iPhone reset 5s

    Factory Reset iPhone without Password:

    To do a factory reset on iPhone without password, You will require the following things.

    1. iTunes
    2. USB Cable

    So at first Download iTunes & Install it on your PC. You must have the USB cable to connect iPhone with your PC. If you have all of these i mentioned, You can do factory reset iPhone without password.

    Steps to Do Factory Reset iPhone without Password:

    Follow the steps below –

    • To reset iphone without password, You need to power off the iphone. So press+hold sleep button and slide to power off.
    • Now open iTunes and Connect USB cable with your PC. (Don’t connect USB cable with iPhone at this step)
    • Now press and hold home button of iPhone and connect it with the USB Cable.
    • After that you will see connect to itunes screen on your iphone. Then release the home button.
    • You will see a new option with following message “The software of ‘iPhone” needs to restored to factory settings or updated’ on iTunes of your PC.

    iTunes iPhone reset without password

    • Click on Restore. Then click on Restore & Update.
    • Wait for a moment. Then apple logo will be appeared on your phone and the restoring process will be started automatically.
    • After completing the process, Remove the USB cable safely. You will be asked for choosing  language, country/region etc. Give the necessary information.
    • Now you can create your new password and get access to your iPhone.

    You can reset iPhone, iPad, iPod without password by following these steps.


    Before starting the process to reset iphone, you should make sure that Find my iPhone is not activated on your phone. If it is activated, You shouldn’t reset iphone. Because, You can’t access your phone without the password even after factory reset. So make sure your phone haven’t iCloud activation+Find my iPhone feature enabled.

    Source: SmartTricks