How to Resize Image without Losing Quality

How to Resize Image without Losing Quality

October 8, 2018 By alberto

    Image resizing is really necessary. But some peoples don’t want to do it sometimes. Because, it may reduce image quality. But, It can be very necessary to you anytime. Then your first priority may be any online tools that can do the right job for you. There are so many online tools for it. But finding the best is not easy. So, I’ll introduce you with some online image resizer that may change your experience of image resizing.

    canva photo resizer without losing quality

    Resize Images Without Losing Quality:

    Here are 5 online tools that worth your try. These are –


    You can resize JPEG, GIF, PNG and SIV images without losing quality by this online tool. is considered one of the best online tools for it. It can compress your image size which is the key feature of it.

    It has Chrome and firefox extensions, WordPress plugin and Magento extension.

    2. is another online tool to resize images. After uploading images, you can set size and quality of the image. Many peoples use this tool as a image resizer without losing quality. I like it for its simple interface. It also offers image optimization which is key feature of it.

    3. Canva Photo Editor:

    Canva is another awesome loseless image resizer. It offers great photo editor tools online. You can use special effects, cropping and some other essential facilities. It is a dedicated online tool for photo editing and resizing. But it doesn’t have the option to compress images. That’s why it is at number 3 place with so many features. Otherwise it should be at no. 1. You can try canva from here:


    It is another widely used dedicated image resizer with several features like cropping, special effects etc. It also offers image format changing feature. You can try it from


    It another online solution for instant resizing and optimizing images. It has several options to crop, rotate and resize. offers image optimization too.

    Offline / Desktop Tool to Resize Image without Losing Quality:

    You also can resize your images offline without losing quality. There are many desktop tools available. You can search on google for them. Image Resizer for Windows is an awesome small software to do it. Microsoft Paint also can do the same job. But that may reduce your image quality. If you have Adobe Photoshop, It will be best for a single lossless image resizing.

    I hope all of these tools will help you to optimize image without losing quality.