ImageRecycle Review: A Perfect Image & PDF Optimizer

ImageRecycle Review: A Perfect Image & PDF Optimizer

October 7, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Image optimization or compression is most important for a webmaster to decrease page load time. There are several popular image optimizing services. We are not completely happy with them. I already shared reviews on some of them. But, Today, I’m about to introduce a new comer. It is ImageRecycle. It is not only an image optimizer but also a PDF compressor.

    ImageRecycle Review:

    When i tested this service i was surprised. Because, It performed better than my expectation. I tested some png, jpg & jpeg images. After all i was quite happy to see that it could compress the image sizes by 80%. This image optimizer provides two options. Number 1: Original Quality & Number 2: Best Savvy. When you choose original quality, It will compress images and it won’t affect the quality. That means you will have lossless optimization. When, You will choose second option i mean best savvy, It will optimize as much as possible. Image quality may be affected. You can’t notice it unless you zoom in the image. Best savvy option is great for a website. It has also image resizing option.

    image recycle image optimizer HD

    Features & Details:

    Here are the special things of it –

    1. Lossless & Lossy Image Optimization Option.
    2. Image Resizing.
    3. PDF Optimization.
    4. WordPress, Joomla, Magento & Shopify CMS integration by plugin & extension.
    5. API.
    6. Sub-account creation.
    7. Image backup & restore.
    8. jpg, png, gif & pdf support.
    9. Cheap rate.
    10. Great customer support.

    These are the key features of ImageRecycle.

    If you are a website admin who want to reduce your page load time, This is the perfect solution for you. If you have a photography website, It is also perfect. Because, Its original quality compression won’t decrease your image quality. Best savvy also doesn’t decrease image quality significantly.

    Its PDF optimization feature will help you to decrease bigger PDF files to smaller one. This is a great option for PDF lovers. You can increase your ebook collection by compressing their size by imagerecycle.

    Personally, I used their wordpress plugin and my experience was very good. Like other similar plugins it will optimize your images automatically during uploading. You also can resize and optimize your existing images. But the thing i like is Folder choosing option. You can select a folder and it will optimize only the images from there. You are allowed to choose multiple folders. It lets you optimize the images from wp-content/uploads as well as other folders. For example, You want to optimize the images from theme folder, You can do it very easily. Again, You can asign the minimum size of images. ImageRecycle won’t resize or compress any images which are equal or less than that size. All these things will be done in background. That means you can do other things in wordpress. When image optimization will be completed, You will get an email automatically. It won’t give much pressure on your server! Because, Everything will be done in ImageRecycle server. You can download their wp plugin from here:

    Watch the video to see the wordpress plugin demo –

    Actually, Its wordpress plugin or other CMS’ extensions allow you to do much more thing and you will have the full control. You can determine the optimization quality per media type (Jpeg, PNG, Gif, PDF). Everything you can learn from there website:

    Till now, You have read imagerecycle’s positive side.  Now, Its time to know the things that you may not like. Like their competitors they have no free plan. The another thing is Imagerecycle will create an additional Database table in your MySQL database. Though i have presented these two very small things as negative sides, I think it is not an issue if you want quality image optimization facility which will improve your page speed.

    Price & Plans:

    If you compare the price plans with other similar services, You will notice that ImageRecycle has much more affordable price plans. It is cheap. You have to pay onetime for one year. Here are the price & plans –

    $1o $20 $50
    1 GB Quota, 10k Images & PDF 3 GB Quota, 10k Images & PDF 10 GB Quota, 10k Images & PDF
    1 Month Backup/Restore 1 Month Backup/Restore 1 Month Backup/Restore

    It also has a free trail plan which allow you to enjoy their service free for 14 days.

    Customer Support:

    Their customer support is impressive. If you face any problem, You can open a ticket from your dashboard on their website. Their customer support agents are very likely to help the customers.

    Our Score:


    Final Words:

    I should recommend ImageRecycle to my readers. Because, I’m so much impressed and i’ve already started to use their service. As it has free trail facility, You can test this service. And, I’m sure most of them will like their service and will decide to purchase any of the plans. So, I’ve a Special Coupon for my readers. It’s IR-PARTNER-20. Use it during checkout. You will have 20% discount. Don’t forget to share your experience by comment.