Imagify the Most Advanced Image Optimization Tool

Imagify the Most Advanced Image Optimization Tool

September 26, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Imagify is a new comer to image optimization world. This latest image optimizer lets you compress and resize image without loosing quality. It is developed by WP Rocket known as one of the best wordpress cache plugin. Now, The developers brought imagify which is probably going to be an excellent image optimization tool.

    imagify loseless image compression home page

    Imagify Review:

    This tool is still in beta version. Officially, It will be launched soon. But, It is providing service to the persons who had requested for early access. I’m one of them. It seems it gets ready to compete with the other image optimizer like Optimus, Tinypng or kraken etc. Imagify has some great features. This image compressor allow users to optimize images in 3 modes. These are Normal, Aggressive & Ultra.

    Normal Mode: In normal mode, You can optimize images without loosing a single quality.

    Aggressive Mode: It is better. It optimizes image without loosing any significant quality. Your image will be remain like original. But it reduces your image size more than 50% in average. I always prefer aggressive image optimization.

    Ultra Mode: It can compress your image maximum. You may experience your image size more than 80% reduced. But images may loose quality.

    Imagify has also image resizing tool. You can easily resize your images during optimization. Right now, It has a wordpress plugin. If you have a wordpress site, You can optimize your images by easily by this plugin.

    Imagify WordPress Plugin: This plugin can be downloaded from here:

    This plugin allows bulk optimization, resizing. It can automatically compress images during uploading. But the feature i liked is restoring. If you are not happy with its image optimization, You can restore your original images.

    Cloud Store: All of your optimized images will be stored in cloud of imagify. That will remain for 24 hours. If you purchase one of their subscriptions, This duration will be increased. This a good feature.

    API: It allows API access. So, You can use imagify for your any personal projects.

    Pricing & Plans:

    It has 6 plans including a free plan. These are Free, Micro, Lite, Standard, Plus and Enterprise. Here are the details of these plans –

    Plan Quota Monthly Fee Annual Fee
    Free 25 MB/Month Free Free
    Micro 500 MB/Month $3.49 $34.90
    Lite 1 GB/Month $4.99 $49.90
    Standard 5 GB/Month $19.99 $199.90
    Plus 15 GB/Month $39.99 $399.90
    Enterprise 50 MB/Month $69.99 $699.90

    These are regular plans. But if you want to boost your free plans quota, Here are some options for you – 250 MB, 500 MB or 1 GB which will cost $3.49, $5.99 or $9.99. However, Pricing could be reduced and it would attract the users more.

    imagify image optimizer pricing chart

    According to my experience here are the good & bad sides –

    The Good:

    • Loosless Image Optimization.
    • Allows lossy image optimization.
    • 6 Price and Plans + 3 additional.
    • Has free plan.
    • Image Resize.
    • Cloud Store.

    The Bad:

    • It has monthly image optimization size limits.
    • You can’t optimize so many big images by subscribing their small packages.
    • Still in beta.

    Our Score for Imagify:


    Last Words:

    Imagify is a new comer. It has free package. So, You can try this image optimization tool. If you think it is fit for you, You can buy subscription. To get early access, Follow this link: