How to improve your iPhone Battery Life

How to improve your iPhone Battery Life

September 4, 2018 By kirsten

    Poor iPhone battery life is really annoying. Encountering low battery is a common problem for any device. Well, you are not facing this problem individually. The saddest part is when you are about to click most remarkable selfies or want to send necessary emails and your phone suddenly dies, gives you the worst damn hell feeling. The iPhone is not so committed for its terrible battery life. Doing many tasks in a meantime and running battery for all day long is a quite hard task. Sometimes you are at fault for your poor iPhone’s battery life. So, you can do many things to run your phone all day long.

    10 Ways to increase your iPhone Battery Life:

    Today I am about to share the secrets to get better and longer iPhone battery life when you are on a weekend far away from your charging cables, while a power cut occurs or clicking selfies during hanging out with friends. Following these tricks would also help you to get longer survive hour  for your most loving other iOS devices like iPad and iPod. Let’s know them.

    1. Lower Your Screen Brightness.

    Brightness plays a huge role to eat away your battery power. Simply lowering screen brightness is much fruitful to get extra battery power. It would also save power just when your iPhone is about to die. It is so simple to adjust brightness in your iOS 7 and iOS 8.  Open Control Center by pulling the bottom of your iPhone. Lower your brightness as much as possible.

    1. Stop Unnecessary Notifications.

    Push notifications are one of a worst battery drainer. Many researches show that sudden and frequent notifications with sound and vibrate spoil your focus.

    Go to Settings option and open Notifications. Disable all the unwanted notifications. I only keep notifications turn on for my Mails.

    1. Turn Off Automatic Downloads.

    You are out for a long day and your phone started to download auto update is a shocking thing to prevent your phone running all day long.

    To turn off auto updates go to Settings and toggle to iTunes & App Store. Now turn off Automatic Downloads.

    1. Turning Off WiFi Saves Battery Power.

    You are wasting your precious iPhone’s battery life by keeping on Wifi on. A good trick is to run your phone all day long by turning off unnecessary features. So, turn off your WiFi to save those extra powers which are being wasted for searching signals that is not actually existed there.

    1. Airplane Mood could be really Helpful Sometimes.

    When you are not in a need of service turn on your Airplane Mode. It is an excellent and easy power saving trick for getting extra running hour.

    1. Say Goodbye to Siri.

    It seems like that your battery is going to die after 3/4 hours. So, you can do some changes to stop that. Ask yourself, do I really need a digital personal assistant? If No, then turn off Siri as it eats away iPhone’s battery life.

    Go to Settings, toggle to General and open Siri. Drag the toggle button to the left and Siri will be stop.

    1. Turn Off your Location Services and Share My Location.

    Location services are not always needed as it is creepy and one of the biggest battery drainers. You should disable this option unless you need it. Go to Settings, then open Privacy and hit on Location Services. Now you can easily turn on or off this feature to use when necessary. If you are an iOS 8 user then you can use “While Using” option.

    Share My Location is also need to be put on hiatus. It broadcast your current location with your contacts via iMessage and Find My Friends. Probably disabling it may improve your battery life while you’re not in necessity to meet up people. To do this go to Settings, open Privacy> Location Services and then Share My Location. Now, Turn Off this.

    1. Uninstall Facebook app or Turn Off Facebook Notifications.

    Everyone has got the most popular social app “Facebook” nowadays on their phone. Having this app is totally a hog for any device. You may think it’s an easy way to access Facebook. Would you even want to have it on phone when it is draining your iPhone’s battery life? You can use it also on your browser by going to Facebook. You could improve your iPhone’s battery life by 15 percent. You should uninstall it to get longer battery life.

    After uninstalling Facebook app, Turn Off Facebook Notifications. Open Facebook  on your browser. Go to Menu and then Account Settings. Toggle to Notifications and choose Mobile. Now click on Turn Off and you won’t get any push notifications on your iPhone.

    1. Get The Real Apple Charger.

    A right and real charger is much needed for any phones battery life. A real apple charger is quite expensive and also harder to find. Many people were injured by iPhone’s fake charger in 2013. So, using fake and cheap charger for your phone can be proven dangerous as well as health.

    1. Check in Power Sucking apps.

    Monitor Battery Life is a brand new Apple tool, introduced by iOS 8. It’s an incredible app to check which apps are consuming your iPhone’s battery life. Hit on Settings, choose General and Usage. Now click on Battery Usage to find the battery life draining applications. Manually you can Stop or Uninstall those apps.

    I hope this article will help you to come over this experience