Install Old Versions of Adobe Apps Through Creative Cloud

Install Old Versions of Adobe Apps Through Creative Cloud

August 23, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Sometimes, Latest Adobe CC apps like photoshop, illustrator, after effects etc. may not be compatible with your existing computer or mac. So, You may want to install old versions of Adobe apps through your creative cloud subscription. In this article, You will get the instructions how to do it.

    Unlike old days, Adobe has brought new pricing plan where the users can pay monthly for Adobe apps. It is definitely a good news for the users. Now, They won’t have to spend a huge amount to buy or upgrade Adobe apps. But, The problem is different. By default Adobe prompt to install the latest version of their apps. Many users don’t have a powerful computer to operate these new resource hungry programs. So, They may like to install the older versions of Adobe apps through their existing or newly purchased CC subscription. It is very easy to do. But, You will have to be a little bit tricky.

    How to Install Old Versions of Adobe Apps Through Creative Cloud:

    This is really good that users can get any older versions of Adobe desktop applications very easily. Actually, There are two ways to install any old versions of CC or CS software. Here are they:

    1. Install Through Creative Cloud

    Latest CC subscribers can download creative cloud desktop. It allows you to install all Adobe desktop applications under your existing subscription. By default, It installs the latest version. But, If you do a more thing, It will install your preferred old Adobe apps. To do it, You will need to follow these things.

    • First of all, Open Creative Cloud.
    • Then, Click on Apps.
    • Now, Click on All apps and choose View Previous Versions like the screenshot.

    Instructions Install Old Versions of Adobe Apps Through Creative Cloud

    • After doing it, You will see drop-down icon with install button of all apps. So, Just click on Install which one you prefer and choose the version you want to install.
    • Done.

    By following this method, You can easily install old version of adobe desktop apps through the creative cloud.

    2. Direct Download and Install:

    It is a preferred option for many users. They don’t like to install through an online installer. They just want to do it offline. It requires you to direct download old versions of adobe apps. You can download them straight from adobe or any third-party sources. But, I suggest you to choose the official source to get older Adobe apps. However, After downloading, You can easily install them.

    A Little More to Do:

    You may have automatic update enabled in creative cloud. As a result, If you install the older CS version, it may be automatically upgraded to CC 2017 or any latest version. So, You will need to disable automatic update. To do it, follow the instructions from here:

    However, It is always wise to use the latest version of any programs for some particular security reasons. However, You can install any old version of adobe apps by following these methods. But. Be careful if you are going to download untrusted source. Because, These are often responsible to spread virus and malwares in computers.