How To Install Old Versions of Apps on Android Phones

How To Install Old Versions of Apps on Android Phones

November 1, 2018 By kirsten

    Being an avid Android phone user I am always in search of every possible perks and peaks. It is obvious that Android is always updating their OS to provide every possible additional feature. Developers aren’t sitting behind in this race. They are updating their apps on the Google Play Store to fulfill user’s improvements. What if you want to use old version of apps on your latest android phones? Gladly, there are ways to do it.

    Install Old Versions of Apps on Android Phones:

    Updating an app is really good thing. It can lead a drop to your phone’s performance. Your favorite feature of an app may go missing after you run the latest version. You have bought a latest Android phone and want to run your old APK on it. There are many reasons to run the old APK apps. Today I will make you know the ways to do it.

    To install the old APK file you have to first uninstall the specific app. I am describing some trustworthy sources. Let’s know them.

    1. APKMirror:

    APKMirror is the first choice of mine if I want to install old versions of apps on android phone. This site has listed every app’s older version APK file available on Google Play Store. Even 2 years old APK version is available on this site. Sometimes  you can’t find extreme older versions unfortunately as they are not compatible with the current codes set of the app’s server.

    The process is easy to get the desire version of APK.

    • At first, Go to the site’s search bar and search your desired app’s name.
    • Then, You will get the whole list of the older versions and scroll down to see which version you may need.
    • Now, Click on the link you want to install. That’s it.
    1. APK4Fun:

    APK4Fun is one of a great warehouse to look for your favorite old APK files. It’s known as safe and secure site to provides protected APKs. This site provides uncountable popular app’s older versions.

    • Search in the site’s search bar your desired APK’s name.
    • Every older versions of APK’s will have downloads button.
    • You can see the details information about every version.
    • From the given additional mirror links you can download your preferred version of the app.
    1. Uptodown:

    Uptodown has the major collection of all kinds of apps for your android phone. Not only android, you can get older version of apps from iOS, Ubuntu, Mac and Web apps. It’s mostly like APKMirror. You can install only the APKs which are supported by the developer’s servers.

    • Go to the site. Search the APK’s name in the search bar.
    • Tap on the “Versions” and you will get the lists of all the available previous versions of the app.
    • Now, just download and install.

    Well, these are top 3 well-known sources to let you download previous version of app. To install apps from these repositories you have to enable Install from Unknown Sources from your Android phone.  I am going to tell this small process.

    • Go to Settings of your Android phone.
    • Scroll down and Click on Security.
    • Here you will find Unknown Sources.
    • Tick beside it.


    There are more online repositories. All of them are not safe and sound for you. There are many sites which provide APKs with malware. It will be a better choice to download older versions of android apps from the aforesaid sites. There is nothing to worry if latest update removes your favorite feature or made your phone work slower, you can go for the previous versions from the trusted repositories. Comment in our comment section given below to let us know your feedbacks.