Invite All Facebook Friends By A Chrome Extension

September 26, 2018 By alberto

    I’ve already published two tricks to invite all Facebook friends at once. But these tricks aren’t working now. Because Facebook updates their website regularly. So we have to find new tricks to invite all Facebook friends to like our page. Anyway, Today i’ll introduce a Google Chrome extension to invite all Facebook friends at once. Its quit easy to use. Lets know about that extension.

    Use Chrome Extension to Invite All Facebook Friends

    Chrome Extension To Invite All Facebook Friends:

    There are some Google Chrome extension to invite all friends. But all of these are not good. Even all of these don’t work well. But there is an extension which is really awesome and works really well. It’s name is Facebook Invite All by Mohammed N. El-Madhoun. You can download it from here.

    Its really an awesome extension. It’s average Rating is 4.7 Star. It has got more than 22 thousands reviews. More than 329,200 users are using it. So guess it how popular this extension is. Anyway, now i’ll tell you how to use this extension.

    How To Use Invite All Facebook:

    Just Follow The Steps Below.


    1. First of all download this extension by clicking here or you can download it from this link directly

    Invite All Facebook

    2. After adding this extension in your Google Chrome browser, you will see a symbol like the picture below.

    2 Invite All Facebook

    So you have installed the extension successfully. Its time to use it.

    Steps To Use Invite All Facebook:

    1. Go to one of your Facebook fan page. 

    2. Click on the icon beside the Message option. To understand clearly see the picture below.

    3 Invite Facebook friends at once

    3. Now click on Invite Friends.

    4. After clicking Invite Friends, You will get an option like the picture below.

    4 Invite Facebook friends at once

    5. Now Click On the icon of Invite All Facebook extension. Your all friends will be invited automatically.

    Invite Facebook friends at once


    I already said Facebook updates their website regularly, so after a few days or months this extension may not work more. So i suggest you to stay with us and subscribe for our latest updates. We will come with new new tips and tricks for you. You also can subscribe our YouTube channel. However, Our YouTube channel address is

    Anyway, If you want to understand clearly, you can watch the video tutorial.

    Watch How To Use This Chrome Extension Properly:


    So friends we have learned how to invite all Facebook friends by a Chrome extension. If you have any thing else to know about this trick, you can ask me by comment box.