iObit Advanced SystemCare 11 PRO Review – An Ultimate Tool to Optimize PC Performance

iObit Advanced SystemCare 11 PRO Review – An Ultimate Tool to Optimize PC Performance

October 22, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    When you are fade up with your slow computer, You may consider a fresh operating system installation. But, Wait! There are several tools that can speed up your slow PC. iObit Advanced SystemCare is one of them. You can definitely try it. Here is a complete review of this product.

    iObit Advanced SystemCare 11 PRO Interface

    iObit Advanced SystemCare 11 PRO Review

    Advanced SystemCare is a PC optimization tool that can make your computer even faster by cleaning registry, junk files and reducing memory usage. It also ensures a basic protection of your privacy. It has many more features that most users should like.


    Advanced SystemCare Pro has so many necessary features. All these have made it a perfect optimization package. Here is a list of major features:

    1. Turbo Boost
    2. Hardware Accelerate
    3. Deep Optimization
    4. Security
    5. Startup Optimization
    6. Basic Data Recovery
    7. Basic Disk Optimization
    8. Repair Tool
    9. FaceID and Other Privacy Protection Features

    This PC optimizer has both optimization and security features. As a result, Users will get basic security from many threats and also get a performance boost.

    Turbo boost feature can instantly speed up your system by disabling unnecessary background tasks, cleaning junks etc. Advanced SystemCare has a cool addon called internet booster which can also help you to speed up your internet speed. Another cool thing is you can fix many common windows 10 problems by using its dedicated addons MyWin10 and WinFix. So, This is a great thing who are not that much good in error fixing.

    iObit Advanced SystemCare Security Features

    Another cool thing is its security feature. This system optimization tool not only boosts PC performance but also ensures basic protection from various threats. iObit SystemCare can monitor your browser homepages and protect from any unusual changes. It also gives you a basic protection against spyware.

    The undelete feature is something cool that you will like. If you delete any file and emptied recycle bin by mistake, this tool will help you to restore these files.

    iObit Advanced SystemCare Pro has many more features than what I mentioned above. But, Free version is restricted to some basic features.


    Its interface is simple and clean. Any user can easily use it. Normally, Any software with tons of features has complex UI. But, Advanced SystemCare is different. Because Its features are well organized. Different features can be found under the different tabs. For example, all speed booster features are available under Speed Up tab. Security features are available under Protect tab etc. It has total 5 tabs. Speed Up, Protect, Clean & Optimize, Toolbox and Action Center. But, To some users, the interface may seem a bit complex. But, It’s totally OK for most users.

    iobit advanced systemcare pro scanning

    Performance & Details:

    Its performance is incredibly awesome. Unlike other similar software, it can scan and fix very fast. Especially, Its registry scan process is faster than its competitor. After installing iObit Advanced SystemCare Pro on your computer, you will be able to scan for common PC problems and fix them. Of course, Users have full control over the scan process. You can run a deep scan by configuring its settings according to your preferences.

    This software has several add-ons that can be installed manually if users want. To do it, Just go to Toolbox tab. Then, Choose the add-ons you want to install. Some of the toolboxes are available only in Pro version.

    iObit Advanced SystemCare Security Features

    Unlike other PC optimizers, Advanced SystemCare Pro has come with some amazing features. You can undelete deleted files, optimize disk space, boost free memory etc. When I tested these advanced features, I found them smooth and fast. These worked perfectly.

    Along with performance boost, iObit Advanced SystemCare pro will also take care of your basic security. It protects users from adware, various online threats etc. But, In most recent version, it has introduced a feature called FaceID. It is a facial recognition feature that can be used to prevent unauthorized access to your PC.


    After reviewing iObit Advanced SystemCare Pro, i found only one problem. When you install this software, it won’t install all features automatically. Some of the features can only be used after installing some toolboxes manually. Else, A few users may think its interface is a bit complex.


    Its price is not high. You can buy it only for $29.99. It is cheaper than its competitor. But, I have a cool deal for you. You can purchase this product at 50% discount. Means, The cost will be only $14.99.

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    iObit Advanced SystemCare Pro is a simple smooth and useful PC optimization tool. It has a free version available with basic features. So, You can definitely try it before purchasing. But, I can assure you won’t regret if you purchase the pro version.