iObit Driver Booster 5 Pro Review – An Ultimate Tool to Keep PC Drivers Up to Date

iObit Driver Booster 5 Pro Review – An Ultimate Tool to Keep PC Drivers Up to Date

August 18, 2019 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    When you want a third-party tool to update all of the drivers on your PC, IObit driver booster may be one of the options on your mind. But, How is it? Should you purchase the pro version? To have all of these answers, you can read this detailed and unbiased review.

    You must keep all of the drivers up to date. Because outdated drivers often cause slow performance issues including other significant problems. In this case, Third party tools like IObit driver booster can help.

    There are several similar programs to update PC drivers. But, Most of them includes so many annoying ads, junkware, even spyware, etc. Else, Most of these are very costly, and free versions are useless. But, After researching, I found IObit driver booster can be a perfect choice for you! Especially, For Windows 10 users, It can be very handy. But, I recommend you to read the full review on it so that you can have an idea about this product before installing it on your PC.

    iObit Driver Boost to Update All PC Drivers

    iObit Driver Booster 5 Review:

    It is a dedicated third-party performance tool to keep Windows PC drivers up to date. After installing it on your PC, it will scan all drivers and show which needs the update. However, Here is detailed iObit driver booster 5 pro review.


    iObit Driver Booster 5 pro has many new and enhanced features. The developers have fixed the lackings of driver booster 4 in the latest version 5. It is a perfect thing for consumers. It has two versions. One is free, and another one is Pro. I recommend using pro version as it is a complete package. Driver Booster 5 pro now supports more than 1,000,000 official drivers. This is the biggest thing for a user. However, Here are the core features of this products.

    1. Automatically Find outdated and faulty drivers in securely
    2. One Click Update
    3. Smaller Driver Package
    4. Superfast Driver Download Speed (Pro)
    5. Priority to Update Game Components (Pro)
    6. Larger Drivers Database – More than 1,000,000 supported drivers (Pro)
    7. New built-in driver backup & restore feature
    8. Enhanced troubleshooting tools for common driver related problems
    9. Supported game components
    10. Automatically Update to the Latest Version (Pro)
    11. 24/7 Customer Support (Pro)

    These are the major features. But, It has some other cool functions which are also very helpful. You can update all of your missing, faulty, incompatible and outdated drivers with just one click. iObit driver booster uses a new driver compression algorithm which reduces the size of drivers’ packages. As a result, It also saves your bandwidth. If you purchase the pro version, you will get more things from it. It has an option to automatically backup the previous driver so that you can roll back to the earlier version anytime.

    Pro version downloads packages at full speed from anywhere in the world. However, You can configure this tool to automatically scan daily, weekly or monthly basis which can save your time. It also can silently install the latest drivers when your PC is not being used.

    Driver Booster 5 Rescue Center

    Rescue Center is one of the best features of iObit. You can now backup and restore drivers on your PC. This feature also includes system restore. Everything, You can do in a convenient way. Because, In the new UI of Driver Booster, it has a dedicated tab so that users can access rescue center very easily.

    The pro version also finds the missing gaming components like Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable packages and some other things and recommend you to install them by a single click. So, It is a great thing for the gamer.

    After all, Driver booster pro has all necessary features that a savvy user needs.

    iObit Driver Booster 5 Pro Driver Updater Interface


    The user interface (UI) is one of the major factors of any software or app. If a software has great features but doesn’t have a good UI, users will avoid it. In this case, Driver Booster is perfect. It has a straightforward interface. But the good thing is it has two layout options. One is dark, and another one is white. You can choose according to your preference.

    However, When you launch this tool, it will show you a simple window where you will find the scan button and two other driver status indicators. These indicators will help you to know whether your PC drivers and game components are up to date or not. You will find rest of the options in the top right corner.

    Performance and Other Details:

    Personally, I have used both pro and free version. I was quietly happy with it. The free version only provides basic functionalities which are somehow OK. But, Pro version is perfect for all type of users. The free version doesn’t include faster driver download. But, Pro users can have great download speed.

    When I tested iObit driver booster pro, I found many of my PC drivers were out of date. I’m a savvy user, and I thought I always kept my drivers Up to date. Yes, Windows update keeps some of your drivers up to date. But, After using driver booster, my thought was changed. I updated all of my drivers with this software and noticed instead performance boost on my PC.

    While using this driver updater, I have not noticed any performance issue or bug with it. It is very smooth and minimal but handy software.


    Actually, Driver booster 5 pro has only one issue which not that much important. Its system information feature which shows information about your system specs doesn’t show all things accurately. This feature could be improved. Another thing which is actually rare. You may see that one of the drivers’ installation has failed. It won’t happen in 99% time. But, If it does, Retrying installation will fix it.


    iObit driver booster 5 has a free version. But, It’s pro version cost you $59.95 per year/3 PCs. However, You can purchase it at a huge discount. The discounted price is $20.98. You can get this discount by clicking on the following link:

    Get 65% Discount on Driver Booster Pro


    iObit Driver Booster 5 pro is a very simple and lite weight driver updater with some excellent features. If you want a functional and adequately optimized driver updater, you can definitely choose this driver updater. Hopefully, You won’t regret after purchasing it.