IObit Uninstaller Pro Review – Uninstall Anything Completely

IObit Uninstaller Pro Review – Uninstall Anything Completely

October 18, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Often we feel the necessity of a decent uninstaller program that has far more capabilities. In this case, iObit Uninstaller can be your perfect choice.

    Though you can uninstall any app or programs from Apps & Features tool on windows, you still need another tool to do it more efficiently. How? Well, When you remove any software from your PC, it leaves some residual files and registry entries. Most users want to get rid of these unnecessary things. Many junk files and registry entries can affect Windows performance.

    IObit uninstaller screenshot

    Third-party tools like IObit uninstaller can completely remove any files and software from your PC. In this article, You will know about this tool in details.

    IObit Uninstaller Review

    The third-party uninstaller developed by IOBit is an excellent tool for Windows. It is compatible with all modern versions of Windows. It can remove any third-party programs from your PC completely and safely. Let’s know why it is so appealing to the windows users.


    IObit Uninstaller has some excellent features that have made it great. Here are the significant features.

    1. Uninstaller for unwanted programs
    2. Web Browser plugins, extensions, and add-ons remover
    3. Problematic Windows update remover
    4. Windows 10 built-in apps remover
    5. Bundled programs remover
    6. Adware and malicious plugins remover
    7. Leftover files remover
    8. Auto Updater

    These are the primary noticeable features of IObit uninstaller pro. When you uninstall any programs using windows built-in tool, a few leftovers remain on your PC. But, If you remove the programs using IObit uninstaller, it removes all registry entries related to that programs and any leftovers from your hard drive.

    iObit uninstall pro also can update programs, remove third-party plugins, extensions, and it also can remove any windows update you want. It also can provide you necessary security by eliminating adware and malicious plugins from browsers.

    But, The best thing is it can remove many built-in apps that come with Windows 10. But, Most other third-party uninstaller doesn’t have this feature.


    There is no doubt that iObit uninstaller has so many useful features. But, It has a great UI that anyone would like. Unlike one of its competitor Revo uninstaller, IObit has a modern and user-friendly interface. As a result, you can easily find all installed programs, windows updates, built-in Windows 10 apps on it. It makes easier to uninstall whatever you want.


    Its performance is great. It can uninstall any programs very quickly. When I used IObit uninstaller pro, I found it faster and smother.


    It has no doubt that IObit uninstaller pro has some excellent features and a great UI. It also has features that its competitors don’t have. But, It still has some lackings. When comparing to its competitors, you may miss some features like cleaner, unrecoverable folder or file deleter etc. But, It still has the must needy features.


    IOBit uninstaller pro is cheaper than its competitors. It also has a free version with essential features. But, If you want to get the true experience, you may want the pro version. Usually, Its price is $19.99/3 PCs per year. But, XtremeRain visitors You can get it with just $12.97.

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    If you are a looking for cheap but excellent third-party programs remover for Windows, IObit uninstaller pro is an excellent choice. Before purchasing the pro version, you can try its free version. I hope you will like it.