Listen up, Apple users! A new update’s coming, and it’s coming soon. Unfortunately, no details on the exact date has come up, but don’t worry, it comes with a silver lining: It is now available as a developer version, so while it isn’t finished yet, you will be able to check out some of what iOS 9.3 has to offer for your iPhone or iPad! I suspect it to be released this 2016, as Apple usually releases new versions every few months after the first.

ios 9 3 feature image HD

Upcoming Features iOS 9.3:

If you’re anything like me, I’m pretty sure you would want to see what the new update’s got so as to see if it’s worth the upgrade! Here are just some of the features I found:

  • Night Shift:

As someone who stays up late using my iPhone, it pretty much messes up my sleep schedule and has me in a groggy state the whole morning. What Apple did was add in a special option that allows the screen to change into warmer colors that will help our mind and body calm down and fall asleep faster! While you can use apps for your computer or Android phone, it hasn’t been done with Apple yet, unless you jailbreak your device. Luckily, you’ll now have less hassle after iOS 9.3.

  • News:

Alright, this is pretty boring. But what makes it a neat upgrade is the fact that your device will start sending you news that you’ll actually want to read, from the latest trends to showing you pieces you may be interested in based on what you read. Plus, it’s expected to have better and faster performance!

  • Notes:

Keeping an online journal in your Notes section? Have some secret list of surprises you don’t want out yet? Luckily the Notes section will now have an option wherein you can add a password to keep safe from your nosy friend! You’ll also be able to organize your notes by date and title. Pretty simple, but does loads for the organized!

  • Health:

No need to wonder what exactly the Health app does because now you’ll be able to connect third-party apps with it, along with tracking your movement using the Apple Watch!

  • CarPlay:

Not only will you be able to scroll through suggested songs tailored to your liking, but Maps will now be upgraded, helping you find services you’ll need when on the road such as restaurants and gas stations.

  • Classroom:

An innovative tool for schools, the Classroom app will help teachers organize lesson plans and track students’ progress! And students will now be able to use the app too, being able to share a single iPad with different accounts. There will also be Apple IDs made especially for the education system.

  • What Else

Well, there will be 3D Touch shortcuts for apps, be able to duplicate photos in your Gallery, AND Siri now supports new languages! How great is that? If you’re still antsy for more updates, follow Apple’s social media accounts and get in the latest soon!