Why iPhone 5 and 5C Owners Should Not Upgrade to iOS 10

Why iPhone 5 and 5C Owners Should Not Upgrade to iOS 10

August 22, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Apple is one of the most popular and known brands of technological devices and operating systems. With that being said, you will know that they will always have a new update rolling out every few months. These updates help with bug fixes and resolving security issues. Some updates bring visual improvements to operating systems of Apple. Major updates may come with new features that will help the customers to take advantages of many perks and uses. It’s definitely a great way to keep your Apple devices up to speed. But sometimes, it may not go as planned. For those wondering about the newest update, iOS 10, you will find that there are some reasons why you should just stick with your current operating system. In this article, we will show you the reasons why iPhone 5 and 5c owners should not upgrade to iOS 10.

    Reasons iPhone 5 and 5C Owners Should Not Upgrade to iOS 10

    Why iPhone 5 and 5C Owners Should Not Upgrade to iOS 10

    You may be surprised. But, If you already have decided to upgrade, You should stop now for the following reasons.

    1. There will be apps that aren’t yet compatible with iOS 10, so you will need to wait for the developers to upgrade and update their apps before you can use them again. For the apps that you have,they will either crash or slow down because of the update, until they fix the app themselves.
    1. iPhone 5 and 5c users will have performance issues with the update, as they are now considered as “lower” devices as compared to their new releases.
    1. Many have reported of issues when updating their iPhones. Some of these issues include camera failure or the update making it a huge battery drainer. Plus, it takes up a lot of space, making it difficult for those with only 16GB of storage on their iPhones.
    1. You may expect that our iPhone 5 or 5c will have the same features the new update offers, but that’s not the case. Some features iOS 10 offers won’t appear on “older” devices, such as the Pedometer or 3D Touch. SO it just ends up being a waste of time and space when downloading the update, as it won’t be a huge upgrade.

    In Conclusion

    Now, You know the disadvantages upgrading to iOS 10 has for iPhone 5 and 5C users. Will you still upgrade? It does have its perks, but the consequences may end up being worse than what you were promised to get from the update! It’s best to update it in your own risk and to be well knowledgeable of the things that may happen beforehand so you wont be surprised. That way, you know what to expect and be able to know how to fix it if ever something unfortunate happens.

    Luckily, You will be able to downgrade the operating system if you accidentally upgraded it to iOS 10 and would like to have it back to its previous settings. If ever you experience any problems from the upgrade, there are solutions you are able to find online, or you can contact Apple Support for more help.

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