iPhone Users Face Fingerprint Sensor Problem after Upgrading Software

iPhone Users Face Fingerprint Sensor Problem after Upgrading Software

September 13, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Recently released iOS 9.1 update has come with many new features and bug fixes for the users of iPhone, iPad, and iPad touch. But users specially iphone 6 & 6s users are continuously complaining about fingerprint sensor problem in with their devices after installing Apple’s new software. The update has been released immediately after the release of iOS 9.0, iOS 9.0.1 and iOS 9.0.2 updates. Apple’s new software is remarked with some new features and solutions for the problems of previous versions. Along with some bug fixes, iOS 9.1 update is being blamed of creating some new difficulties. In the company’s Support Communities website a number of Apple users are complaining that they are facing problems in Touch ID fingerprint detection.

    What type of Fingerprint Sensor Problems users face with iOS 9.1:

    Perhaps, it is the nature of evils that one is defeated and another comes immediately. Apple’s operating system bugs are also playing this endless game. Updated software is brought to fix the problems of previous version but some new problems follow it automatically. Users who have installed the latest update iOS 9.1 are experiencing some new difficulties in their iPhones.

    Posts on Apple’s support forum show that iPhone users are facing several problems in fingerprint sensor after getting the updated operating system. Touch ID seems to become unreliable and less responsive to the user’s fingerprint.

    Some users complained that before installing the new software Touch ID or fingerprint sensor was working rightly, but after the installation it is working very slowly. In some cases, users are saying that the sensor is failing to recognize their fingerprint. Sometimes, it just stops working. Several attempts or hard rebooting are solving the problem temporarily, and it comes back again in a day or so. They are not finding any permanent fix for fingerprint sensor problem.

    Apple’s Responses to the recent complains about Fingerprint Sensor Problems:

    Problems must demand a quick solution. Users are experiencing continuous complications with their Touch Id, but Apple retains no way for them to go back to the previous operating system. Tech experts criticize the company’s discontinuance of providing downgrade methods, which would have allowed users to shift back to a more usable version of gadgets software in case they experience such problematic issues.

    People are constantly expressing their iPhone difficulties through comments but they are disappointed with the silence of Apple authority. There is no satisfactory response to the nonstop queries of customers. The fingerprint sensor problem is not a new phenomenon in iPhone. There was such a difficulty in iOS 8.0.1 and Apple was required to bring an iOS 8.0.2 update to fix the fingerprint problem. This time also, people have nothing to do rather than waiting for a bug fix.

    Some temporary solutions to manage the Fingerprint Sensor Problems:

    Users are trying to find some alternative ways to get rid of the inevitable problem. Some of them have commented on the community page that, they are setting up the Touch ID again and again and getting positive result for a short time.

    A few users are seeking solution through resetting their devices. The process they follow is holding the power and home button for 10 seconds. However, this way of fixing is not working well. Experts’ opinion in this issue is that Apple needs to be careful about testing a new product before bringing it in the market. The product should be tested several times to be confirmed about the possible problems. Only Apple’s cautions can lessen users’ hazards with their iPhone.