KeyCDN – Quality CDN at Lower Cost


Every webmasters knows what is CDN (Content Delivery Network). So this is not necessary to describe it in details. CDN is the perfect solution to speed up a website. It confirms a good speed of your website around the globe. CDN also reduces pressures on your web server. In fact, CDN is necessary for most of the websites. But the only problem  is its high cost. Though, There are some free CDN services. But these are not so good or these are with some limited features. That can’t fulfill your demand. But now you will know about a quality CDN service with a very low cost. This is KeyCDN. It is one of a popular CDN services. It can be perfect for a beginner. Now you will know about KeyCDN in details.

KeyCDN Website


It is a quality Content Delivery Network that can improve your website performance. Specially it works great with wordpress. This is popular for low costs and quality features.


KeyCDN has all of the modern features that a CDN service should have. Pull & Push zones, Live, VOD zones are the zone types keycdn supports. All of these zones has different features. If you create a pull zone, You will have these features –

  1. Purge Zone Caches (Full or Single Page)
  2. Cache query strings
  3. Cache-control headers
  4. Eexpire headers
  5. Canonical Headers
  6. Strip cookies
  7. Custom robots.txt
  8. Origin shield
  9. Free SSL

But the most attractive matter is KeyCDN allows you to use Custom SSL certificate for free. But if you don’t have SSL certificate for your custom cdn URL (Example:, KeyCDN will provide you a free SSL certificate for it. I mean their custom SSL certificate is usable with custom CName. This is the best thing that no other similar service providers provide. This CDN service optimizes CSS, JS, media contents and deliver through their high speed edge servers. So, After enabling this CDN service for your website, You will see the improved performance within a few minutes.

KeyCDN dashboard is user friendly and it has some good options. You can view your real-time stats, real-time logs, top files etc. You can control your zone easily from dashboard as it is very user friendly.


It is a great content delivery network with lower cost. It offers pay per usage plan. You will have to spend only $0.04/GB bandwidth. This is for first 10 TB. After that your cost will be reduced depends on your usage.

Price Table KeyCDN

The only Limitation:

The only limitation of KeyCDN is its limited number of data centers. Till now it has only 22 data centers in 4 continents around the world. But they have plan to build more data centers. Soon they will have data centers in 6 continents.

KeyCDN Data Center Maps

Customer Support:

Their customer support is also good. I didn’t find any issue with their customer support.

Our Score:


How You can Use KeyCDN:

KeyCDN offers 1 month free trail with 25 GB bandwidth. You can clime this offer buy visiting KeyCDN Website. You can integrate it with your website manually or automatically. If you are a wordpress user, You can enable this or any CDN by their wordpress plugin. There are also some cache plugins which support it. WP Fastest Cache, W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, WP Rocket and some other cache plugins users can easily integrate KeyCDN for their wordpress site.


By considering everything, I have to say KeyCDN is a quality CDN service at lower cost. It can be a perfect CDN solution for a beginner.