How to Know If Your Android Phone Rooted?

How to Know If Your Android Phone Rooted?

August 9, 2018 By kirsten

    Your Android phones run on Google’s Android operating system. A rooted smartphone gives you the whole access and controlling power for your phone’s operating system. Well, a new phone is not rooted by default. If you have bought a used phone or get gifted from someone of your family, the possibility is that the smartphone has root access.

    know If Your Android Phone Rooted

    To run some fancy programs you may need to get root access in your phone. After rooting your device you may want to know if your android phone is rooted properly or not. Sometimes, someone from your family or friend may have get rooting access without your acknowledge. It needs only 15 minutes to root your phones. It is so easy that even a child can do it. So, you may need to check is your device rooted if the phone left unattended from you or your eye-sight? Because you actually don’t know in your absence some may have got rooting access to your phones. So, you should identify it.

    Get to Know Is Your Android Phone rooted or Not:

    You won’t want to change everything on your Android phone, manufacture has created. But some of the program’s functionality needs to get teased in order to get access. Some of the Android functionality remains locked away. So, you go through the rooting access. Remember? – First time android smartphones came with the LED flashlight for their camera. But it was locked away behind a system password. The only way to access the LED flashlight was making the phone rooted.

    Well, I’ve already said a branded new phone is not rooted by default. You can check your apps list on your phone to find out if your phone is already rooted. You will find an app called Superuser or SU. To find this app go to Settings> Apps> All. If its certain commands are allowed to access the phone, it must have rooting access.

    Know If Your Android Device is Rooted by Using Root Checker App:

    Well, it’s really an easier way to find out the rooting accessibility on your phones. Let’s know it here.

    • Launch Google Play Store with data or Wi-Fi connection enabled.
    • Now download a Root Checker app by searching. You can download by seeing good rating and reviews. If you don’t find any well app then I am recommending you to download from here.
    • Install the app and open it.
    • You will see root checker button, Click on that.
    • Now, wait for a while, app will check out is your android phone rooted.
    • If the device is rooted, it will show a message about rooting access is installed.

    Use Terminal App On Your Linux To Know Whether The Device Is Rooted or Not:

    If your phone or tablet is running on Linux then there is a way to find out about rooting access. By installing a terminal client app from Google Play Store, you can check out whether your device has rooting access installed. It’s a window based app. It allows you to run commands. Now, I will tell you in details.

    • Launch Google Play Store and search for a terminal client app. Otherwise you can directly download from this link. It is a free and easy to use app.
    • Install the app and open it.
    • Now, you will get a text entry prompt.
    • Check is there a sign like “#”. If yes then the device is surely rooted.
    • You can also see a sign of dollar like “$”. This sign doesn’t mean your Android phone is not rooted.
    • You have to do a little effort. Type Su in the command prompt and press enter.
    • The dollar sign ($) may turn into pound sign (#). So, it indicates your phone has properly rooting installed.
    • During the process a pop-up window may ask to get superuser permissions by the app. You should thumbs up to that.

    I hope this article may end your all the hindrances to find out whether your android phone is rooted properly or not. Good luck for today. Stay tuned with us for more tech articles.