Know Before Applying for Google Adsense

October 3, 2018 By kirsten

    Google Adsense! The most familiar word among the website admins. It is the best ad network to earn money from your websites. Many people may think that it is the only way to earn money from a website. Its wrong. There are other ad networks. But it is the best. It pays higher than others. So everyone expect a its publisher account. Some people think “If you have a website, you will get adsense”. This is totally a wrong thought. At first you have a website, then you can apply for it. If you are a youtuber, you also can apply for an account. But today, i’ll discuss some important points that you should know before applying for Google Adsense account.

    Know Before Applying for Google Adsense

    What to Know Before Applying for Google Adsense:

    I think at first you should know some wrong thoughts about it.

    1. Adsense is Money Machine:

    Some people think that google adsense i s a money machine. If you have an its publisher account, you will earn thousands of dollars per month. This is totally wrong. Yes you can earn more than thousands dollars. But before that, you have to be honest and hard worker. And you also need good skills.

    2. Having Website Mean You Have Adsense:

    This is another wrong thought. If you have website, you may have adsense. But all website owners aren’t its publisher. Because, before getting an account, you have to prepare your site to get approval. And it has some rules. Another thing is Youtube Channel also may bring a adsense account for you. So website isn’t the only way.

    3. Getting Approval is too Hard:

    Some peoples think that it is too hard to get an approved adsense account. This is wrong. Having an approved account is much easier.

    4. It is the only Way to Earn from Website:

    I already said adsense isn’t the only way to earn from your website. There are many ad networks. Else you can earn from local ads in your site.

    5. It is only for USA Citizens:

    This is a funny and wrong thought. Some people think that adsense is only for use peoples. So you have to give US address in the applying form. This si totally wrong. I didn’t use US address or any europian country’s address to get adsense approval. I gave my original information.

    Else there are many other wrong thoughts about it.

    When You Should Apply for Google Adsense Account:

    This is a common question. When you should apply? The answer is very easy. When your website becomes worthy, then you can apply for an adsense account. I know this answer doesn’t make you satisfied. Because many of you don’t know how you prepare your website.

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    How to Prepare Website for Getting Approval:

    Obviously you need to prepare your website before applying for an adsense account. Now you will know how to prepare your website.

    1. Unique and High Quality Content:

    You should be careful of plagiarism. If you have duplicate contents in your website, you should not think that you will have an approved google adsense account. At first you must have enough high quality and genuine contents in your website. If your site is a blog, there should be minimum 15 high quality and unique posts. And each articles should have at least 300 words.

    2. Google Analytics and Webmaster:

    You must have google analytics and webmaster accounts. You must add your website in google analytics and webmaster. Submit your website in webmaster and place analytics tracking code in your website. If you can do it, your website will be more visible in search engine and you will have more chance to get adsense approval.

    3.  Sitemap:

    You should have good sitemap for your website. And make sure that you have submitted in google webmaster tools.

    4. Proper Navigation:

    User friendly websites get adsense approval. And having proper navigation is 1st condition for a user friendly website. So create menus to organize categories, tags and top posts. You may create two menus like first menu and secondary menu. Even you may create a footer menu.

    5. About Us, Contact Us & Privacy Policy Pages:

    Having contact us, about us, privacy policy pages is must. And your visitors also like to see that you have these pages.

    6. Proper Footer and Header:

    You must have proper footer and header. Put your copyright information in your footer. And also place about us, contact us and privacy policy pages in footer. And in header place your website logo, menus etc. You also may place a search bar in header.

    7. Remove Other Ads:

    You should remove other ads, affiliate banners from your website before applying.

    8. Responsive Design:

    Responsive websites have more chance to get adsense approval. So you should have a responsive them for your website. Google gives high priority on it.

    9. Optimize Website:

    Make sure that your website is fast. Slow website doesn’t worth for google adsense. You may prefer lite weight and responsive theme. You also reduce usage of java scripts and css. It will make your site faster.

    10. Have Minimum Traffic:

    This is important. If you haven’t get minimum traffic, you shouldn’t apply for an adsense account. There is no limit of visitors. But i recommend you to have at list 50+ unique visitors and 100+ page views per day. If you have visitors from USA or European countries, it will be your your plus point.

    Note: Google never supports Blackhat SEO. So don’t try it.

    11. Supported Language:

    Make sure that your website language is supported or not. So you should check adsense supported language list before applying.

    12. Give Proper Information:

    You must give your proper information in applying form. Make sure you are choosing proper time zone and country.

    So before applying for google adsense account, you must know and follow these rules. I hope you will be successful. If you have any question, you should ask me by comment.