Know These Things before Signing Up Spotify

Know These Things before Signing Up Spotify

October 15, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Music keeps us alive from inside. So, it’s always been an important part of our life. There are so many people who use Spotify. So, I really don’t need to add, what is Spotify? This service makes easier to enjoy songs with a catalog of 30 million songs. Whatever the music service people are signing up; Apple Music, Google Play Music or Spotify, the only thing they enjoy is music while there are other music streaming services all over the world. But, for many users Spotify is the best way to step into the magical world of music. There are some valid reasons for it. It has its own tricks for the users. Even the iPhone and Android phones’ companies are stuffed with many random music services but they don’t compare with Spotify. You can add your favorite songs, playlists and albums to Spotify for iPhone and also can enjoy them on Windows, Mac apps and vice versa. Gladly, it is available everywhere. The app is available for Windows phone, Blackberry, iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows and Mac OS. There is also a web app for everyone’s reach in web browser.

    Know before Signing Up Spotify

    What You Should Know Before Signing Up Spotify:

    Spotify offers a free trial of 48 hours and an additional 30 days to consider the product’s value. A free trial of it is really appreciated. It gives the users a vital chance to enjoy the full glory of the product. So, they can know whether the service is worthy of signing up premium service for 9.99$ dollars per month. There are some positive and negative aspects of it. Some will agree and other will disagree.

    So, today I am letting you know all those good and bad features before signing up Spotify premium service.

    1. Spotify for iPhone:

    iPhone users can stream Spotify from their content library fully free of charge. So, they can sign up for a free account and log in to the mobile app. Users can stream unlimited number of songs in chronological order provided by the service or other users. But there will appear audio and visual advertisements into the playlists automatically. To avoid those advertisements you just have to go for the premium subscription worth of 9.99$ per month.

    You have even restrictions for skipping songs without subscription. After 5 times of skipping songs from playlist, service will automatically stop you to go to the next song. This music service used to stop playing your favorite songs up to 5 times also. But Spotify ditched the restriction back in 2012.

    1. Do You Own Any Music?

    Every song you hear on Spotify doesn’t owned by you. You just have a license to listen them. So, All of your crafted playlists, new tracks of Billboard- 100 or the recommendation albums from friends, nothing is actually yours. So, you can think before signing up.

    1. Will Spotify Go Away One Day?

    It’s predictable that Spotify may stop their service. Its present statistic shows increasing revenues more than €2 billion. But its history statistic shows it still made a net loss of €173 million. Actually, it never made a profit since it launched in 2008. The losses are closely tied Spotify with the music industry. Actually, you or Spotify don’t own any music. Still, it made a payment of €1.63 billion and distribution fees in 2015. Day by day along with increasing number of users the tracks are increasing. As it doesn’t own anything so the music industry can anytime pull the trigger on a whim. What is the worst part? Once if it gets rancid you can’t recall all of your favorite numbers to start afresh on a new music platform.

    1. You Won’t Appreciate Its Limitations:

    You can download the songs for offline play. It’s good. But the worst part is you can only use the songs on three devices. This clearly insures if you have more than 3 devices you can’t enjoy your favorite playlists or tracks on your extra devices when you are out of internet connection. Sadly, this part of it really hurts to constant music lovers.

    Spotify makes a error of deleting the app from countless user’s devices, because it thought wrongly the app was downloaded on more than three devices. At the end users suffer its mistake.

    You are out of the town for work and didn’t get time to go online for more than 30 days in Spotify, Right? So, the result is when you’re offline for more than 30 days, the collection of yours get wiped away automatically. This is really a great suffering when you don’t leave your device online accidently. So, you’re on your own if you go with the company’s quirky terms and conditions.

    1. It Says “No” to Family Sharing:

    You or your spouse may both are user of Spotify. You both may share iTunes account but can’t share Spotify premium account. Both of you may have many similar tastes in music and vastly different choices. But, sadly you both need to use different user account to differentiate between you and your spouse’s playlist. Actually, the app doesn’t show different playlists of you and him/her. So, it’s a disaster to go for two premium account costs for 20$ per month.

    1. Its Ecosystem May Trap You:

    Spotify doesn’t offer a text files downloading of your playlists so that you can’t jump to other competitor’s service instantly with your favorite choices. If Spotify would want it could do this ease for the users. So, the reason is obvious. What if the Spotify hike its price and you can no longer pay the price anymore?

    1. It’s Music Discovery:

    Virtually Spotify has nothing to do with discover new music for you. This is the actual reason to buy premium account. Everything you get on it by searching only. Music doesn’t come on it like Pandora or But, it is constantly making a music discovery search engine as per my choice.


    In the end of the article, I may like to add there are also many bugs, errors and flaws in Spotify that long term users will face. Every time it add a new feature some bugs, errors and flaws appear in it. But the company avoids fixing of them. Spotify may the best music streaming service but it is still prone to many problems. So, it’s up to you how you consume all those problems when music knows no value.