How to Use Microsoft Office for Free and Legally

How to Use Microsoft Office for Free and Legally

October 28, 2018 By kirsten

    Microsoft Office is the most popular office software solution around the world. Unfortunately, This is not free. That means, You must pay a few bucks, If you want to use it. But, There are peoples around the world who don’t like to pay for a software. Open source is their main preference. There are plenty of Microsoft office free alternatives. But, None of them as much better as MS Office. So, They may want a way that allows them to use microsoft office software for free. Some users may stop finding ways as they think there is no legal way. But, It’s not true.

    Microsoft Office Online is Free to Use

    There are plenty of options to use MS office for free without any legal issues. If you research for a few minutes or hours online, You will get more than 1 way.

    How to Use Microsoft Office For Free and Legally:

    It’s true. There are multiple legal ways to use MS Office for free. You won’t have to crack or do anything that weaken your security. Here are these methods.

    1. Are You Student or Faculty? You can Use MS Office for Free:

    Microsoft has a free software campaign for the students and faculty. The students or teachers of illegible educational institutions may have access to specific web store where they will find many premium software including microsoft office for free. If you are a student or faculty, you can contact with relevant department of your university or college for more information. You can check your school’s eligibility for free microsoft office education edition from this link:

    check your school's eligibility for free microsoft office education

    If your school / college or university is eligible, You can definitely use microsoft office for free.

    2. Use Microsoft Office Evaluation Copy / Free Trail / Preview Version:

    Microsoft office 365 home is available for free 30 days trail. But, You can get 60+ days trail of Office Pro Plus evaluation copy. Unlike office 365, It doesn’t require any credit card info to acquire free trail. Else, Before releasing final copy of office software, Microsoft often gives free access to MS Office preview versions to public. You also can grab that offer to use office for free.

    • To get 60 days trail of evaluation copy of MS Office, Follow this link:
    • Then, Search for Microsoft Office. Currently office 2013 pro plus is available for 60 days free trail.

    3. Use Office Online:

    Unlike MS Office desktop software, Its online version is totally free for any users who have Microsoft Account (live, hotmail, outlook etc.). You can just visit: and sign in with your microsoft account. Then start using office online for free. It has all basic features of desktop office software. So, You may feel comfortable by using it unless you are a power user.

    You can use microsoft office for free with edge browser office online extension

    Microsoft also has browser extensions for office online. It will definitely make everything much more easier. It also makes easy to browse and read /  edit any office documents from your desktop storage. That means, You can use office online like any other software in your PC. Only one thing you will require is internet connection. Here are office online browser extensions download links.

    Unfortunately, There is no official add-ons for office online in Mozilla Firefox. Microsoft Edge is really better to use office online. If you are a windows 10 user, You can definitely try it.

    4. Use Microsoft Office Apps for Free:

    Unlike Microsoft Office desktop applications, Its apps are completely free. These can be installed in both mobile and PC very easily. These apps are available in all major platforms. But, If you want to use them in your PC, You must have windows 10 / 8 installed. Because, Windows store is not available for windows 7 or earlier versions. Anyway, If you want to use microsoft office for free, This is a good option for you.

    Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Sway, Outlook & Calendar almost all basic apps are available in google play store, apple app store and windows app store. These are free to use. In your mobile and tablets, You can use these apps to read or edit any documents. But, In your PC, You can only read or preview documents. To have editing eligibility, You must have a office 365 subscription.

    5. Buy Laptops / Gadgets with Free Microsoft Office Subscription Offer:

    Some manufactures offer free microsoft office subscription (normally 1 year) with their products such as notebooks, tablets etc. If you are planning to buy a new laptop or tab, You can consider a product that offers free microsoft office subscription. Almost all popular manufactures like Microsoft, Dell, Asus, HP offer MS office subscription with specific products.

    In fact, There is no legal way to get a full version of microsoft office without paying anything. But, These are some useful ways that may help you to legally use microsoft office for free. You may not get full enjoyment of using office. But, If your needs are limited to basic document editing and reading, These tips can save your money.