Lenovo’s latest innovation: Vibe S1

Lenovo’s latest innovation: Vibe S1

October 1, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    The brand new Lenovo Vibe S1 is not your regular “upgrade” that looks mediocre and has the same options as its predecessor. It is a brilliant new device that was recently praised by many tech geeks all around the world. Everyone seems more than impressed with the brand new Lenovo Vibe S1, mostly because of its fantastic performance and options. It is not that light, but not too heavy at the same time, so you will not have any issue with the phone’s weight, especially when you think about the phone’s overall abilities which are fantastic and will definitely leave you speechless. The brand new Lenovo Vibe S1 has all those options that we were looking for in all of the phone’s model predecessors. However, even though all of those smartphones were also brilliant, they were always lacking something that could have made them even better. Luckily, Lenovo has finally come up with a great idea to create the perfect mobile device for smartphone lovers. A lot of tech geeks still have soft spots in their hearts for basic phones such as the old Apple iPhone models, but trust me, after changing many different mediocre phones during the previous years when the “smart era” has finally stumbled upon us, I must admit, hardheartedly, that this might be my favorite mobile device up until now.

    Why is Lenovo vibe s1 the perfect choice

    The latest adding up to the Lenovo family, left me entirely stunned, mostly because of its sleek looking, peculiar design that looks totally unique and different from any other phone that is currently on the market. The high resolution of the phone and the brilliant way of targeting all of the different and important performances that one serious phone needs are also a major plus when it comes to my personal score that i gave for this dazzling mobile device. If you have somehow become addicted to different apps that can be used on a daily basis, this is most certainly the phone for you. This is the perfect app phone, mostly because of its memory capabilities and “almost perfect” high resolution touch. This is the 1st Lenovo phone with dual front “selfie” cameras. It will unquestionably attract each and every one who enters a technology shop. The new S1 Lenovo phone has the perfect looking personalized display. In addition to that, the performance of the phone is much faster when you compare it to all of the phone’s predecessors or the phone’s competitors. The phone managed to leave a huge impression on me, my friends and my family. The quality of Lenovo’s latest phone camera is more than stunning. I managed to take more than 30 photographs the first day I held my new smartphone in my hands! The camera is truly innovative and different than any other phone’s camera that you can buy these days. It is the perfect phone, with the most wonderful options for everyone who declares himself or herself as a photographer enthusiast. The camera of the brand new Lenovo phone was praised even by serious photographers who are friends of mine, so that means that its special effects and amazing resolution is one in a million and if you are truly into taking photographs, you should consider buying the brand new Lenovo phone.

    The selfies that you will take will look much clearer because of the fantastic resolution of the phone. The twin “selfie” cameras are truly something that a lot of tech brands need to work on. However, Lenovo’s S1 selfie cameras are perfect and I would not change a thing because each photo that you will take is going to be 100 percent clear and edgy at the same time. The curved screen of the phone is definitely another edgy thing that makes the phone even more unique looking. However, i must say that the price you pay for the phone might be a bit of a splurge, because even though the phone has dual selfie cameras, that truly does not really have some important factor when it comes to the phone’s performance options.

    What can be improved in Lenovo

    The life of the phone’s battery seems to be a bit of a problematic thing for my personal favorite tech company, Lenovo. If you want to play a simple game on your phone, prepare yourself for low battery quicker than you have ever expected! On the other hand, if you use the phone’s performances normally, it will work just fine and your battery’s life will still be just fine. If you are not that good in saving your battery, you might as well consider taking your power charger with you, in case you ran out of battery because of playing too many games in a day. Another unfortunate thing about my brand new favorite smartphone is that it does not have a card slot for SD card, mostly because if you download too many things you might end up using all of your phone’s internal storage place and that might be a bit tiring after a while, because your phone will keep on reminding you that you need to clean up your phone because there’s no room for new downloads. That literally means the cycle of boring phone updates has unfortunately stumbled upon you once again.

    The best selfie camera

    As i have previously stated, the camera of the phone is truly breathtaking. The rear camera is 16 MP and the major front “selfie” camera is 8 MP which is a remarkable number when you compare it to other phones. The second front camera is 2 MP. The phone has a 5 inches IPS personalized display with resolution that is definitely remarkable – 1920×1080 pixels. The density of the pixels is about 441 pp. We must say that Lenovo’s Vive has an impressive display. The colors are rich and all the wide angles are simply spectacular. You can choose the brightness of your display quite easily. All of the phone’s specifications might be considered as more than fantastic for this price. The process comes with 3GB Ram and 32 gigabytes for storage. You can play all kinds of HD videos on this phone. We tried running about 15 applications in Vibe’s background and the device was still left with about 700 megabytes RAM free!

    Our Score for Lenovo Vibe S1


    To sum it all up, the brand new Lenovo Vibe smartphone is truly an amazing device. Its performances are ahead of every other smartphone that can currently be bought. The price is a bit too high perhaps, but if you are truly into taking photographs than you will not regret buying this phone, even though the price might be a bit too hard on your pocket.