Li-Fi, the method of delivering data

Li-Fi, the method of delivering data

October 2, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    It seems that Li-Fi is the brand new alternative method to Wi-Fi, and on top of that is about hundred times faster when you compare both different technologies. This new Wireless technology has been tested by scientists for the first time and they have managed to find out that it shows glorious speeds that can be much faster than regular Wireless speeds we use at the moment!

    Understanding Li-Fi

    Li-Fi is basically a brand new Wi-Fi technology able to transmit all of the data that is high speed just by using VLC, meaning Visible – light communication, instead of using radio bands. Just to make it quick and easy for everyone to understand – Li-Fi is basically an extremely fast alternative for the Wi-Fi we use on a daily basis.

    The discovery that left scientists speechless

    Just a couple of months ago, several scientists that were conducting tests based on Li-Fi managed to achieve fantastic speeds of about 224 gigabits in one second while using Li-Fi. According to this information, they believe that this brand new technology could truly alter the ways we use Internet on a daily basis.

    The testing process was astonishing

    The testing process of this amazing method left everyone speechless. This new invention went through a test this week. The testing was conducted by the start-up Velmenni from Estonia and it took place in Tallinn. A light bulb that could transmit info at speed of about 1 Gbps was used during the procedure. The scientists involved in the study made the test in one office while allowing the employers to go to the Internet while using this brand new method, and it was also tested in an industrial place.

    Li-Fi vs Wi-Fi HD Image

    The origins of the term li-fi

    This term was initially used by Harald Haas, a professor who works at the University of Edinburgh. Haas made a demonstration for this method at one TED conference back in 2011. He managed to explain the most important things that he has discovered about this technology back then. Luckily today, scientists decided to take a bigger step and find out more about this marvelous technology.

    The advantages of an advance technology such as li-fi

    The biggest advantage when we talk about this interesting technology is that unlike the Wireless signal, Li-Fi cannot interfere with the rest of the radio signals. Therefore, it can be used in airplanes and some other places in which the interference with radio signals can cause issues. Even though the radio waves spectrum might be in quite a short supply, the light spectrum that is currently visible is about ten thousand times larger and thus, it will certainly not run out in the near future.